This month sees the end of the Dying Earth RPG, with a 50% off stock clearance sale in our new store. The game is still as fresh as a daisy, and it would be a shame to miss out.

Gregor Hutton provides a new setting for 3:16, his game gung-ho space-grunts, Robin D Laws discusses 4th Edition and GUMSHOE in the same breath, and presents a new competition for the Esoterrorists. Sasha Bilton (Axe Initiative Games) teases us with a Mythos creature for 4th Edition and I interview our fulfiller Aldo Ghiozzi of Impressions Advertising, who represents Goodman Games – the publisher for Axe Intiative. Isn’t it nice how we are all connected?

Contents – February 2009

This is a special Valentine’s Day edition to announce the release of Mutant City Blues. Yes, it’s out, and the competition is now worth over $350. All the clues are out, and as of this writing there are two entrants. We share the love with Mystic Moo’s Dating for Gamers Astrology column and the second part of Robin’s article on introducing Trail to Call of Cthulhu players. We also introduce a new cartographical venture, Encompass, providing maps and adventure material for your miniatures game, and present you with a half-price offer. Finally, Sasha Bilton suggests how to get the old school Sword and Sorcery vibe in your 4th Edition D&D campaign.