by Ambar Hammond

The time has finally come for the release of the Game Master Tools for The Black Book GUMSHOE Gaming Software! The Beta test for the Game Master tools re-released on July 1, 2020, and the official launch of the new tools will take place on August 1 at 6:00pm. 

Join The Black Book in celebration of the launch of the Game Master’s Tools with a launch party as part of GenCon Online 2020. The launch party will include a special exclusive presentation about H.P. Lovecraft, his works, and especially his connection with Providence Rhode Island and landmarks that feature in his works. The presentation will be put together and presented by a member of the Rhode Island Historical Society who normally runs the H.P. Lovecraft tours in Providence Rhode Island and will be followed by a Q&A with our tour guide. Registration for the event is through Gen Con Online 2020. The registration period has already begun, so visit GenCon Online for registration.

Following the Lovecraft presentation will be the launch of the official Game Master Tools and two prize giveaways! The second prize will be a 10” Ebony Dungeons Box for tabletop gaming sessions, as well as a free 1 year subscription to the Game Master Tools on The Black Book. Hold your dice, a miniature, and prop up your tablet to make running The Black Book even easier! The first prize giveaway is also a 10” Ebony Dungeons Box, a free 1 year subscription, and an 8” Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet to play your games on!

The Game Master Tools will be launched along with Version 2 of The Black Book, the long awaited tool that allows Game Masters to better run games, see and make edits to player character sheets, see live character matrixes, and highlight recent spends so you can be sure the spotlight is evenly distributed. Customized ability lists and QuickShock combat will follow soon after launch. Version 2 also comes with some brand new features for free and player subscriptions that have been requested for some time now! Including our most requested feature, integration with other gaming software. Discord Integration will be available with the launch of Version 2 along with persistent settings that will keep all of your selected settings when you refresh or exit your page. A variety of general bug fixes have also been included in the update. 

The Black Book will be giving away several Game Master Tools Subscriptions during the countdown to the release, and a grand prize that will be given out to people that are attending the launch party. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and GenCon Online2020 for the countdown, launch party, and giveaways! 

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord @TheBlackBook42 for updates and information in the coming weeks!

by Steve Hammond

Whoot! Infrastructure and other problems are behind us, and we are flying. A ton of progress in May and the Black Book is essentially back on schedule.

This month we have a video showing the complete character generation experience for Trail of Cthulhu. In the video you can see how we handle selection of occupations and drive, occupational abilities, languages, build points, and more. Not much more to say, hopefully the video speaks for itself.


Speaking of schedule, I expect to wrap up my Alpha test and begin the beta test no later than June 5th. This will involve many more invites going out and hopefully lots more feedback coming in. We will be making improvements along the way, and inviting more people each week. Assuming Beta goes well, I expect to go live 30 days later on July 5th.

You can still request an invitation for the beta at After June 5th, you will be able to use that link to register for a notification when we go live. As always, questions and comments can go below.

by Steven Hammond

Current Status

Alpha testing continues. The only notable error, so far, was a data issue on day one. Meanwhile, we have added over a dozen users. If you are a current tester, don’t forget to send feedback now that you have been able to use the app for a while.

The next alpha release should push the first week of May. This release will complete Night’s Black Agents character support and notes capabilities (see below). NBA support includes MOS, sub-skills (driving, languages & piloting), cherries, network contacts, covers, and special weapons, besides the basic character info and abilities in the first release. Because of data formatting changes, this release will require a database reset for all users. Once it is live, the next batch of invites will go out. If you haven’t registered to help test, you still can at

Character Notes

A key features of The Black Book is character notes. Adding your own character notes is an obvious and straightforward feature. However, we can also use system generated notes for things that would otherwise clutter or complicate the main character sheet. For example…

Occupational Abilities in Trail: Each occupation in Trail of Cthulhu offers a special benefit. These benefits don’t affect a character’s abilities, but they do need easy accessibility during play. Therefore, when you select an occupation, The Black Book will add a note describing its associated benefit.

NBA Cherries: Night’s Black Agents backgrounds don’t grant special benefits, but general abilities with scores of 8 or better receive cherries. Every time you raise one of your character’s abilities above 8, a new note will describe the cherry. Additionally, if this cherry includes an investigative ability bonus, it gets added intp that ability automatically.

Network Contacts & Covers: Agents in NBA start the game with high ratings in Network and Cover. The point spends are permanent, so the resulting lists can be long. It sometimes takes more than a word to describe a contact or cover. Notes are ideal for these. They allow an arbitrary amount of information while keeping the clutter off the main sheet.

This video shows system and user notes in action.

Next Steps

I expect two more Alpha test releases in May. The first should complete the functionality needed for Trail of Cthulhu. The second will include character portraits and more flexibility when refreshing pools in play. Another round of visual improvements will appear as well. Each release will coincide with another wave of invitations.
 After the Alpha releases, we will be ready for Beta and more invitations. While Beta is in progress work will begin on the various GM tools. No promises, but my hope is to open for business on July 1.

As always, leave comments below. I’d love to hear what you think so far and what you want to see in the app.

by Steven Hammond

First let me open by saying that is live and taking email addresses for anyone who wants to take part in the alpha or beta tests, or get notified when the new Black Book goes live.

You may recall that during the months of September and October we asked all of you to upload your character sheets — scans of used print sheets, custom digital ones, etc. The idea was to learn where the current sheets were coming up short and use the knowledge to make better ones in the new app. Thanks to your input the exercise was a success. We gave away both certificates —  Alf Joakim Persson from Sweden won the first. The other winner didn’t give us permission to publish their name.

So, what did we learn? First, almost everybody was looking for an easier way to find a character’s abilities in play. A common solution was to only show the abilities their character had points in. Many people wanted those abilities in a single, alphabetical list — not sorted into categories. From this suggestion, we think the app needs to have separate edit and play modes. The categories, seem useful when creating a character so edit mode might look a lot like the current sheets. Play mode would streamline the list of abilities to only those possessed by a character, sorted into a single list. There could be an option to group into categories, or maybe we could indicate the category with some iconography. Reducing the number of abilities shown will be critical to the mobile experience where we can only accommodate a single column of text.

The second most common change was to make Health and Stability more prominent. People achieved this by making larger label and numbers in place of the number grid used in Gumshoe character sheets. Again, I think this calls for separate edit and play modes. When creating your character, health and stability are but two of the many abilities you will need to manipulate. In play, however, they can become larger and more prominent.

Two other reasons people customized their character sheets were to add custom abilities and game specific features like cherries in Night’s Black Agents. We will support these features though perhaps not right at launch.

Which takes me to the final topic I want to discuss this month. I am still not publicly discussing dates, but we should start an alpha test phase in the next few weeks. I expect that the alpha will be basic character sheet functionality for Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents. We will quickly add more GUMSHOE games and additional features and enter beta when we are feature complete for launch — or close to it. I haven’t decided on numbers for the test phases, but we will send invitations out in groups in the order in which people signed up.

How do you sign up? Go to and enter your email address. That is all you need to do. We won’t use that address for anything other than inviting you to join the new Black Book. And while you are waiting for that invitation to arrive, go ahead and answer this month’s poll. We are looking for more information on how you want your character’s abilities listed during creation and in play.

Poll Questions

Our analysis of the submitted character sheets showed that the most common reason people customized their sheet was to make it easier to find abilities in play. Help us find the best sorting methods with the two questions, below. If you have other ideas, leave them in the comments.

When creating a new character, I would like to see the abilities sorted as follows:

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In play, I would like to see my character’s abilities sorted as follows:

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The Black Book – The GUMSHOE Character Builder

Thank you so much to all the funders for the Trail of Cthulhu character builder. If your name is not listed here, it is because we think you want to remain anonymous. If we are wrong, please tell us. If you praise them enough, we will open the character generator to everyone. Please give priase in the comments.

First, thanks to Rob Harper, who named the generator The Black Book, a reference to the Black Book of Azathoth into which names are entered.

Next we have Scott Douglas, Andrew Raphael, Daniel Byrne and Ken Finlayson, who sacrificed the whole world; Ben Parks, Sune Nødskou, Nikodemus Siivola, John F Rauchert, Sam Friedman and M. Sean Molley who sacrificed their town.

Then Eric Priehs, Jim McCarthy and James Pacheco who caused the monster to rise; then David Shope, Dave Desgagnes and Steven Marsh authors of forbidden tomes.

Please offer them all your undying and blind devotion.

Next, Niclas Matikainen, John Post, Paul Snow, Fernando Barrera, John Evans, Patrick Barrett and Jeremy Redman, whose characters lived; then Rick Neal, Sasha Bilton, Reto M. KIefer, Dave Sokolowski, John Anderson, Terry Regan and Cameron Paine, whose characters died.

Please offer them your undying and effusive devotion.

David Lai, Reza Peigahi, Steve Moss, Kristoffer From, Damon Dorsey, John Stephens, Petri Wessman, Jonathon Dyer, Neal Dalton, Louis Banna, Matthew C H Winder, John Taber, Shane Mclean and Reverend Dak.

Let their names live on.

We are $375 from a free Esoterrorists and Fear Itself, thanks to the wonders of crowdfunding. Why not take a look at all the perks still available here.

We are looking for volunteers to test a browser-based GUMSHOE character generator. It works with Trail of Cthulhu and Esterrorists.

Please email, subject Character Generator if you are interested.