Matthew Pook provides a detailed review of Out of Time on Reviews from R’yleh.

The very title of Out of Time hints at the desperate nature of the four scenarios in the anthology. Three of the four also take Trail of Cthulhu out of its traditional period of the 1930s, while the fourth, “The Black Drop,” certainly takes Trail of Cthulhu far from civilisation. All four though continue Trail of Cthulhu’s tradition of strong strong with well written and well realised scenarios

I’d like to thank Matt over at Flames Rising for organising Pelgrane week, and all the contributors. Here is a summary of the content for the week.

The new reviews they posted during the week:

Black Drop

Castle Bravo

Cthulhu Apocalypse: Dead White World

The design essays:

The Origins of the Occult Guide by Paula Dempsey

Following the Money (about his forthcoming Esoterrorists adventure) by Matthew Sanderson

Writing the Big Hoodoo by Bill White

There is a Castle Bravo actual play report here at Nerdbound, with some excellent feedback from Bill White, the writer.

Here is the second review from José Muñoz. Also in Spanish, here is the Direct Link and here is a link to Google’s Translator.

Moreover, we are again on a situation that presents a scenario that moves away from what is considered Purist -the twenties and the three or four cities visited and revisited by Lovecraft and his literary circle-, but if we are able to shake off the habit of these ordinary places, we can enjoy what is more likely the best scenario published by Pelgrane Press so far.

Dan Harms reviews Castle Bravo.

This scenario is a a strong addition to the Trail line, and it will certainly make for a memorable evening of play.

Castle Bravo, Bill White’s PDF Atomic Age adventure for Trail of Cthulhu is out now from the Pelgrane Press store.

Skulduggery is available on pre-order – get the PDF now, and the printed version when it ships 1st July.

An illustration by Jérome for the forthcoming Castle Bravo.

Helicopter Attack