The BORELLUS CONNECTION manuscript was too nightmarish and vast to be constrained by any binding our printer could conceive; therefore, we were obliged to remove some material from the book. It’s preserved here as a series of Page XX articles. As Orne’s mysterious correspondent in Philadelphia warned us, “no Part must be missing if the finest Effects are to be had”; therefore, we have categorised these cuttings as FINEST EFFECTS.

All materials tagged FINEST EFFECTS are Handler’s Eyes Only – prospective players of the Borellus Connection campaign are instructed not to read these articles.

Operation SECOND LOOK originally opened up with an action scene where the player characters accompany the Italian police to intercept a suspected drug shipment. It all goes poorly, but interrogating the smugglers leads into the drug-deal subplot in Beirut. For reasons of space, this scene was cut and the leads moved to a more conventional briefing – however, if you want to give players a taste of day-to-day Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs activities, give run this scene before the initial briefing scene, When The Boat Comes In.

Torre San Giovanni is a small fishing village in the heel of Italy, about thirty miles south of the city of Lecce. It’s a sleepy, picturesque little place, named for the 16thcentury tower that watches over the harbor. Fishing and olive groves make up most of the local economy.

According to information from a BNDD informant in Turkey, the Unione Corse intend to bring a shipment of morphine base ashore here tonight. The smugglers are using a small fishing boat, one of dozens that work along the shore here. The informant claims the Unione Corse will transfer the morphine from a large freighter to the fishing boat at sea, and then bring it ashore, where it’ll be collected by a Unione Corse courier to bring it to Marseille.

The BNDD plan is to let the transfer go ahead, and wait until the fishing boat gets to the shore, in the hopes of intercepting both the fishermen and the courier. There’s an Italian coast guard ship standing by to stop the freighter at sea.

The players get to run the shore-side ambush. They don’t know who the courier is – presumably, it’ll be a truck or other vehicle to carry the packages of morphine base. They don’t know which fishing boat it is – there are a dozen boats coming in that evening. And they need to keep undercover until the jaws of the trap close, to ensure any watchers in the town don’t signal a warning to the fishing boat. In addition to the Agents, they’ve got a dozen eager local policeofficers at their disposal.

Let the players come up with whatever ambush plan they wish.

The night wears on. The heat of the day fades as the waters of the Ionian sea lap on the beach. Most of the fishing boats won’t come back until dawn, and as the sky begins to lighten in the east, a few locals come down to the docks to wait for the returning boats and help landing the cache. If the Agents aren’t carefully hidden, call for a Conceal or Disguise test (Difficulty 4) from the most obviously suspicious Agent; if the test fails, there’s some whispering and muttering from the workers assembled on the shore as they realise something’s amiss.

One by one, the boats come in.

  • 1-point Notice spend: A light flashes out at sea – and a moment later, there’s an answering flash from the hills above the town.

Then, a car – a new one, big and black – comes down the road at speed and pulls up at the pier as the fishing boat Pierro approaches.

If the Agents hold back, the transfer goes ahead in the most obvious fashion ever – two bales of contraband get hauled out of the cabin of the Pierro and loaded into the trunk of the car. One of the men from the car opens one bale and hands out free packets of cigarettes to everyone standing around the dock as a bribe to stay quiet.

The Raid

There are two men in the car, and another four on board Pierro. They’re all small-time cigarette smugglers, bringing in cheap Turkish cigarettes to avoid import duty (they also deal in small amounts of heroin). If the Agents have a solid plan for the ambush, it all goes smoothly; otherwise, it gets messy. The pair in the car (Paulo Sciarra and Vito Adami) attempt to drive off, while the four on the boat either try to flee on foot across the beach, or cast off from the pier and return to sea. The initial assumption of the criminals is that they’ve been ambushed by a rival gang; if the players flash badges and shout that they’re cops – and spend a point of Intimidation, Languages or Agency– they can convince the criminals not to fight back. Otherwise, throw in foot or car chases and/or brawls to taste.

If Sciarra and Adami manage to escape in their car, then move the core clue about the Beirut deal to the fishermen.


At first, it all looks like a debacle driven by bad information – dozens of cops, the Guardia de Finanza and the American BNDD, all for what? A few hundred packets of cigarettes? The Unione Corse must be laughing at them. There’s lots of shouting, finger-pointing, and arguments over who is to blame for this farce. The player characters can get involved (making a show of support for the BNDD is worth a 2-point Bureaucracy pool of favours), or keep their heads down and keep working.

  • A thorough search of the fishing boat Pierro discovers (Conceal test, Difficulty 4) a hidden compartment in the bilges. There’s a scrap of plastic wrap snagged on a loose screw, and Chemistry or Pharmacy discovers it tests positive for morphine base – there’s no heroin on the boat now.
  • There’s a small amount of heroin in the car, enough to charge Sciarra and Adami as dealers (they supply heroin to tourists in Lecce and Brindisi).
  • The freighter is clean, although some of the crew admit under questioning that they smuggled cigarettes out of Turkey and threw them down to the Pierro when it passed nearby.

Questioning the Prisoners

Interrogation of the fishermendiscovers the following:

  • They’re not part of any organized crime – just a few local crooks.
  • They admit that they’ve helped bring heroin ashore before, but didn’t ask any questions.
  • 1-point Interrogation spend(or using the discovery of the smuggling compartment as a leveraged clue): When they brought heroin ashore, it was from a different freighter, the SS Invicta.
    • Traffic Analysisand some research: The SS Invicta is at sea; she departed Marseille a few days ago and is en route to Beirut with a cargo of machine parts.
  • A 1-point spend of Reassurance, Streetwise or Negotiation gets the name of a friend of one of the fisherman, a pal who lives in Beirut and knows the city’s underworld – Ghasif Saad. Ghasif is a free network contact (see Local Contacts,p. XX)

Interrogation of Sciarra and Adami yields more useful information:

  • They’re small-time heroin dealers.
  • They’ve heard that there’s a war brewing within the Unione Corse, a struggle to see who becomes caïd (godfather) of the Corsican mafia.
    • A 1-point Streetwise spend identifies some possible contenders – the Francesci clan, the Guerinis, the Venturis – but the rules of omertáwithin the Unione Corse are strong, and those inside the organisation don’t speak to those outside. It’s entirely possible that such a war has been going on for years.
  • Core clue: They’ve also heard that there’s a big heroin deal coming down. It’s happening in Beirut. They don’t know any more.
    • HUMINT: They’re trying to pass off rumour and scuttlebutt as genuine inside information; this alleged big deal in Beirut might be nothing.


The BORELLUS CONNECTION manuscript was too nightmarish and vast to be constrained by any binding our printer could conceive; therefore, we were obliged to remove some material from the book. It’s preserved here as a series of Page XX articles. As Orne’s mysterious correspondent in Philadelphia warned us, “no Part must be missing if the finest Effects are to be had”; therefore, we have categorised these cuttings as FINEST EFFECTS.

All materials tagged FINEST EFFECTS are Handler’s Eyes Only – prospective players of the Borellus Connection campaign are instructed not to read these articles.

During Operation ALONSO, the Agents must make a sweep of the Rung Sat swamp in Vietnam. Wary players may request assistance from one section or another of the US or allied forces in-theatre with Bureaucracy or suitable Agency spends. The Handler can play the escort as regular GMCs, or pass them out to the players as secondary characters if she likes. GMCs with Investigative abilities can (and barring mistreatment, will) spend them for the Agents if needed.

Even if you’re not playing The Borellus Connection, there’s every chance your Delta Green agents will end up in the jungles of Vietnam, in need of military backup…


Escort GMCs and Instability

Each GMC in this section has a Shaken entry describing the way their personality deforms under Unnatural stress.

To avoid excess die rolls and bookkeeping, each encounter with the Unnatural reduces at minimum one GMC to Shaken. If the creature or effect has a Stability loss value (e.g., +1 for Greater Deep Ones), debilitate that many more GMCs.

Once all the GMCs are Shaken, the next encounter Shatters a GMC (or more than one, if the stimulus has a Stability loss value). At that point, decide whether the GMC reacts with frenzy, flight, or freeze (see FoDG,p. 113).

Choose the victim randomly, or based on the drama of the moment: the point man sees the lurking monsters clearly, for example.


Riverine Force

If the Agents arrange their escort with the Navy or the ONI, or go through the MACV-SOG command (with its heavy DELTA GREEN penetration), the helicopter drops them off at Cat Lo Naval Base (near Vung Tau) across the bay from the south end of the Rung Sat. Here they board the Madeline,a US Navy PBR Mk. II with orders to take them wherever they need to go (By River,p. XX), get them back to base, and provide fire support in between if needed.

One officer and three enlisted men crew the Madeline.

The Madeline

Nobody’s idea of a beautiful boat, the PBR (Patrol Boat, River) Mk II mounts two diesel-powered water-jet drives on a low (not to say wallowing) fiberglass hull. Powerful engines and light weight give the PBR a top speed of 29 knots and the ability to turn in its own radius; it can creep up creeks less than three feet deep. At 32’ long with an 11’7” beam, its crew of four and the Agent team crowd it.

The Madelinemounts a 60mm mortar [L2] and two M79 “Thumper” grenade launchers [L1*] that can be fired from swivel mounts or from the shoulder; its crew are issued M16 assault rifles (d+0, [L1 on full auto]) along with personal shotguns and pistols. Each PBR has a powerful radio, a spotlight, and one bulky Starlight AN/PVS-2 night-vision scope (4x magnification, 7.5 lbs. including four AA batteries) in inventory (see FoDG,p. 142).

Speed:32 mph


Notes:The fiberglass hull provides -1 Armor against light firearms (d+0 damage or less) and shrapnel. A Deep One can punch through the hull on a successful 6.

Ensign John J. O’Rourke, Boat Captain

If the Agents went through DELTA GREEN, he’s a friendly. He hasn’t definitively encountered the Unnatural, but he’s seen some shit. That said, he seems scarily young.

General Abilities:Athletics 5, Firearms 4, Foreign Language (Vietnamese) 1, Health 5, Melee Weapons 2, Pilot 4, Unarmed Combat 4

Hit Threshold:3

Alertness Modifier:+1

Stealth Modifier:+0

Attack:fist (d-2), fighting knife (d=1) machete (d+0), Colt .45 automatic pistol (d+1)

Shaken:You have to take command! Only you know how to stop these things, not these civilians!

Chief Petty Officer Lyman Peachtree, Gunner’s Mate

General Abilities:Athletics 8, Firearms 6, Health 7, Heavy Weapons 5, Melee Weapons 5, Pilot 4, Unarmed Combat 6

Hit Threshold:4

Alertness Modifier:+0

Stealth Modifier:-1

Attack:fist (d-2), belaying pin (d+0), Ithaca 37 12-gauge combat shotgun (d+1)

Shaken:You’re back on the football field where you’re a star. Use lots of sports metaphors.

Petty Officer Horatio Lopez, Engineman

Investigative Abilities: SIGINT 1

General Abilities:Athletics 3, Firearms 4, First Aid 4, Health 5, Mechanics 5, Melee Weapons 4, Pilot 2, Unarmed Combat 3

Hit Threshold:3

Alertness Modifier:+0

Stealth Modifier:-1

Attack:fist (d-2), belaying pin (d+0), M16 5.56mm assault rifle (d+0 [L1 full auto])

Shaken:Never get off the boat. The boat is the only safe place, and we have to protect it.

Able Seaman Mark Simmons

General Abilities:Athletics 6, Firearms 4, Health 5, Melee Weapons 3, Pilot 3, Unarmed Combat 6

Hit Threshold:3

Alertness Modifier:+1

Stealth Modifier:+1

Attack:fist (d-2), axe (d+1), M16 5.56mm assault rifle (d+0 [L1 full auto])

Shaken:Everything here is made of bugs, and bugs get in your boots and your mouth and other places. Scratch your skin to make sure no bugs got under it!


Army Escort

If the Agents went through MACV/US, or didn’t use a DELTA GREEN tasking when going through MACV-SOG, they get an experienced squad of “swamp rats” from the “4th of the 47th” (9th Infantry Divison, 4th Battalion of the 47th Regiment). Their unit begins mounting raids into the Rung Sat in 1967. Their orders: escort the Agents to one location in the Rung Sat, suppress enemy forces found there, escort the Agents back. Talking Sergeant Louis into extending the mission requires a 1-point spend of Inspiration, or Intimidation (from an Agent with combat experience).

Staff Sergeant William “Bear” Louis

Investigative Abilities:Inspiration 2, Intimidation 2, Military Science 2, Survival 3

General Abilities:Athletics 9, Firearms 7, First Aid 2, Health 7, Melee Weapons 5, Unarmed Combat 6

Hit Threshold:4

Alertness Modifier:+1

Stealth Modifier:+1

Attack:fist (d-2), Ka-Bar knife (d-1), M16 5.56mm assault rifle (d+0 [L1 full auto]), grenades [L1*]

Armor:Helmet (-3 vs. bullets, head only)

Shaken:Get quiet and fixate on one of the Agents. He’s the asshole who did this to you. Don’t let him get behind you.

Specialist 5 Billy Murnane

Investigative Abilities:Architecture 1, Chemistry 1, Survival 2

General Abilities:Athletics 5, Conceal 5, Demolitions 5, Firearms 5, Health 5, Melee Weapons 3, Unarmed Combat 3

Hit Threshold:3

Alertness Modifier:+1

Stealth Modifier:+0

Attack:fist (d-2), Ka-Bar knife (d-1), M16 5.56mm assault rifle (d+0 [L1 full auto]), grenades [L1*], flares, satchel charge [L3]

Armor:Helmet (-3 vs. bullets, head only)

Shaken:Pyromania; let it burn.

Specialist 4 Theo Maniakis

Carries the field radio. Assistant gunner on the M60.

Investigative Abilities:Foreign Language (Greek, Vietnamese), SIGINT 2, Survival 3, Traffic Analysis 1

General Abilities:Athletics 5, Firearms 5, Health 7, Heavy Weapons 3, Melee Weapons 3, Unarmed Combat 5

Hit Threshold:3

Alertness Modifier:+0

Stealth Modifier:+1

Attack:fist (d-2), Ka-Bar knife (d+0), M16 5.56mm assault rifle (d+0 [L1 full auto])

Armor:Helmet (-3 vs. bullets, head only)

Shaken:You hear voices, giving you good advice. Maybe it’s the saints or the angels? Maybe it’s your dead pappou?

Corporal Vic Russo

Investigative Abilities:HUMINT 1, Inspiration 1, Survival 3

General Abilities:Athletics 8, Firearms 7, Health 6, Heavy Weapons 5, Melee Weapons 4, Unarmed Combat 6

Hit Threshold:4

Alertness Modifier:+1

Stealth Modifier:+1

Attack:fist (d-2), Ka-Bar knife (d+0), M16 5.56mm assault rifle (d+0 [L1 full auto]), grenades [L1*], M60 7.62mm machine gun [L1* full auto]

Armor:Helmet (-3 vs. bullets, head only)

Shaken:Explain everything, lay it out, talk everyone down from this bad place we’re in.


Five statistically identical infantrymen. One also carries ammo for the M60.

General Abilities:Athletics 6, Firearms 7, Health 5, Melee Weapons 4, Unarmed Combat 5

Hit Threshold:3

Alertness Modifier:+1

Stealth Modifier:+0

Attack:fist (d-2), Ka-Bar knife (d+0), M16 5.56mm assault rifle (d+0 [L1 full auto]), grenades [L1*]

Armor:Helmet (-3 vs. bullets, head only)

Shaken:1) Panic; 2) Berserk fury; 3) Desperate attachment to an Agent; 4) Religious mania; 5) Regression to happy childhood memories


ARVN Escort

(Army of the Republic of Vietnam)

If the Agents go directly through ARVN General Dzu, they’re eventually supplied them with a squad of miserable draftees under an incompetent officer, Captain Hoang. It takes a 2-point spend of Military Scienceto recognize this while still in base: Dzu also ordered a spit-and-polish drill for the day before, and their Sergeant Chinh is actually a good, honest soldier on punishment detail for informing on his superiors. Thus, the unit looks good in formation.

Captain Tran Minh Hoang

Venal, incompetent, and related to someone that Dzu can’t offend by firing him. The only English-speaker in the unit, although most of the other men understand a few words (“Fire,” “Bullshit,” “Charlie” etc.).

General Abilities:Athletics 3, Firearms 4, Health 8, Melee Weapons 3, Unarmed Combat 2

Hit Threshold:3

Alertness Modifier:-1

Stealth Modifier:-1

Attack:fist (d-2), Colt .45 pistol (d+1)

Shaken:Vainglorious megalomania.

Sergeant Pham Duc Chinh

A veteran of the war against the French, he fights the Communists with the same fervor and effectiveness. If the Agents demonstrate calm and military competence in the field, and if one of them speaks Vietnamese, he tells them that he doesn’t think the radio works.

The men dropped it in the mud on a patrol a month ago, seemingly on purpose, and he hasn’t got a clear answer why or whether they’ve obeyed his order to fix it.

He has Special Weapons Training in his knife.

Investigative Abilities: Survival 3

General Abilities:Athletics 8, Firearms 8, Health 8, Heavy Weapons 6, Melee Weapons 6, Unarmed Combat 6

Hit Threshold:4

Alertness Modifier:+1

Stealth Modifier:+1

Attack:fist (d-2), Maserin commando knife (d+1), M16 5.56mm assault rifle (d+0 [L1 full auto]), grenades [L1*], M60 7.62mm machine gun [L1* full auto]

Armor:Helmet (-3 vs. bullets, head only)

Shaken:Chinh is the last to be Shaken in the unit. His response is to melt into the jungle and disappear, then reappear at base with a story about a VC ambush.

ARVN Squad

A dozen conscripts, statistically identical. Two carry ammo for the M60.

General Abilities:Athletics 5, Firearms 5, Health 4, Melee Weapons 3, Unarmed Combat 4

Hit Threshold:3

Alertness Modifier:-1

Stealth Modifier:-1

Attack:Attack:fist (d-2), bayonet (d+0), M16 5.56mm assault rifle (d+0 [L1 full auto]), grenades [L1*]

Armor:Helmet (-3 vs. bullets, head only)

Shaken:When Shaken, they act as if Shattered. Roll randomly: 1-3: run away; 4-5: freeze up and babble; 6: shoot wildly at everything on full auto

Caterina Garcia-Tomas

Cuban pilot, CIA contractor. A veteran of the Bay of Pigs, Congo, Peru, and lots of other places she can’t tell you about. She’s here to fly her bird and kill Communists.

General Abilities:Athletics 8, Firearms 7, Health 10, Melee Weapons 9, Pilot 9, Unarmed Combat 5

Hit Threshold:4

Alertness Modifier:+1

Stealth Modifier:+0

Attack:fist (d-2), balisong knife (d+0), 9mm Luger pistol (d+1)

Shaken:You get angry, mostly at the rabiblancos Agents who planned this disaster. It’s like the Bay of Pigs all over again! If Shattered, you retreat to robotic stillness, just like in Castro’s prison after the Bay of Pigs.

CIA Gunship

Agents who go through Lansdale or the CIA (or who request CIA backup instead of military escort from MACV-SOG) get an Operation PHOENIX tasking built around their mission. The PHOENIX program hunts, captures, and sometimes kills VC cadre in South Vietnam. Their liaison, “Mr. Fall” has no problem taking out a drug lord or whoever as well – he doesn’t ask questions, he does his job.

The Agents meet Fall at Tan Son Nhut, and after a quick exchange of pleasantries he asks them where they want to go in the Rung Sat, and who their target is. Target established, he leads the way to a Huey gunship parked in a secure area, badging past a guard post. The Agents pile on with any gear, and the helo takes off.

Barry Glenn

Door gunner and mechanic, CIA contractor.

General Abilities:Athletics 6, Firearms 7, Health 5, Heavy Weapons 8, Mechanics 8, Melee Weapons 4, Pilot 2, Unarmed Combat 5

Hit Threshold:3

Alertness Modifier:+0

Stealth Modifier:+0

Attack:fist (d-2), fighting knife (d+0), M134 7.62mm minigun [L1* full auto; each 1 Heavy Weapons point spent counts double]

Shaken:Goes from frame drop, to spot memory loss; Shattered goes to hysterical blindness.

“Mr. Fall”

From the CIA’s Political Action Division, Fall is a veteran of Korea, and of Lansdale’s psychological warfare training sessions with Alpha 66 in Florida and Guatemala.

Fall has Special Weapons Training in his knife and pistol.

Investigative Abilities:Foreign Language (Spanish, Vietnamese) 3, Military Science 1, SIGINT 2, Survival 2, Tradecraft 2

General Abilities:Athletics 9, Firearms 10, Health 8, Melee Weapons 9, Psychotherapy 4, Unarmed Combat 10

Hit Threshold:4

Alertness Modifier:+1

Stealth Modifier:+2

Attack:fist (d-2), commando knife (d+1), Smith & Wesson Model 39 silenced 9mm automatic pistol (d+2), Carl Gustaf “Swedish K” 9mm submachine gun (d+1, [L1 full auto])

Shaken:Ritualistic cleaning and assembling of guns; if Shattered hunts and kills the Agents.

The BORELLUS CONNECTION manuscript was too nightmarish and vast to be constrained by any binding our printer could conceive; therefore, we were obliged to remove some material from the book. It’s preserved here as a series of Page XX articles. As Orne’s mysterious correspondent in Philadelphia warned us, “no Part must be missing if the finest Effects are to be had”; therefore, we have categorised these cuttings as FINEST EFFECTS.

All materials tagged FINEST EFFECTS are Handler’s Eyes Only – prospective players of the Borellus Connection campaign are instructed not to read these articles.

Over the course of the Borellus Connection, the players come into contact with the outer fringes of Orne’s criminal network, and follow the connections until they reach Orne himself. If the players follow the clues in individual missions without realising the wider context, they’ll get to that terrible confrontation at the end of the campaign. However, ambitious players may wish to investigate the network between operations. Orne’s paranoia about detection means that digging up clues is extremely difficult – witnesses disappear, safehouses vanish overnight, arrested crooks either keep silent or die mysteriously in prison – but you can use these background investigations to foreshadow upcoming elements of the campaign (“you pick up a rumour about some German gunman called de Kleist who shot up a Turkish smuggling ring a few years ago – he may be connected to Orne”) or give the players alternate entry vectors to operations.

Another possible line of inquiry is the mostly-defunct Order of Almousin-Metraton, the occult secret society of necromancers.

Investigating the Network

Accounting: The French Connection launders its profits in Nassau, then deposits them in accounts in Switzerland and Lebanon. When Orne needs to spend his drug money to further his occult research or bodysnatching schemes, he either gets an advance from local drug lords (“give my servant two thousand dollars now, and I’ll ensure you get an added heroin shipment straight from Marseile next month”), or taps his funds in the Lebanese banks. Accounting can follow the money.

Criminology identifies the various gangs and criminal syndicates with their fingers in the opium trade, giving clues about local groups who might be involved in Orne’s schemes. Combined with Streetwise, it’s good for gathering rumours about shadowy players and sinister, occult-tinged enforcers like Charrière.

Pharmacy can be used to test heroin purity. Most heroin, even before it’s cut for sale, reaches only 70% purity; the French Connection’s old chemist, Joseph Cesari, was known as ‘Mr. 98%’ for his exceedingly good product. Orne, if he put his mind to it, could do even better, but he often experiments with his product (see Essential Smack, p. XX), so a purity of around 90% indicates Orne-made junk.

Traffic Analysis lets the Agents track drug shipments; they can guess how often shipments are made, trace legitimate chemical purchasers, work out when local jugglers will run out of product and have to obtain more from distributors, or correlate international arrivals with sudden activity in the distribution network, giving clues about the smuggling methods used by the network.

Investigating the Order

Art or Archaeology spots old signs of the Order in places. Portraits of scholars or great thinkers might have the distinctive A/M sigil hidden somewhere in the painting, or scratched on their tombs. (If the ascending node is slightly larger, that indicates that the subject was once an initiate of the Order. If the descending node is larger, the subject’s saltes were taken by a Brother and are available for trade.)

Architecture can identify common traits that recur, regardless of the local style of building or the age of the structure – extensive underground cellars, drains for disposal of failed experiments, secret doors, star-windows in high attic rooms.

Occult recalls rumours of a secret society that’s supposed to include every famous mind in history as members.

  • The society’s ultimate goal is, depending on the writer, to uncover the secrets of the past, to achieve union with God, or to bring about future enlightenment

Traffic Analysis orCriminology applied to the above clues concludes that the Order of Almousin-Metatron consists of at least two groups – low-ranking hangers-on and associates who operate on a purely local level, but copy the symbols and rituals of the Order to proclaim how connected they are, and an inner higher-ranking cabal that doesn’t need to show off as much.



The BORELLUS CONNECTION manuscript was too nightmarish and vast to be constrained by any binding our printer could conceive; therefore, we were obliged to remove some material from the book. It’s preserved here as a series of Page XX articles. As Orne’s mysterious correspondent in Philadelphia warned us, “no Part must be missing if the finest Effects are to be had”; therefore, we have categorised these cuttings as FINEST EFFECTS.

All materials tagged FINEST EFFECTS are Handler’s Eyes Only – prospective players of the Borellus Connection campaign are instructed not to read these articles. 

The ultimate target of the Agents’ investigation in The Borellus Connection is the necromancer Simon Orne. His background is described in the introduction to the campaign – here’s a more detailed timeline of his movements and activities across history.

1649: Born in Salem.

1652: His father John Orne purchases a farm near the village.

1662: Birth of Joseph Curwen in Salem-Village

1680: Joins congregation headed by the preacher George Burroughs, later hanged a witch. Another member of the congregation is Edwin Hutchinson, a local landowner (and necromancer).

1683: Burroughs departs Salem for Maine, ostensibly over a dispute about payment.

1686: Curwen returns from his travels overseas and becomes a close friend of Hutchinson and Orne.

1690: They make a breakthrough in the woods behind Hutchinson’s house: they successfully invoke Nyarlathotep in his mask of the Black Man, and through him established communion with Yog-Sothoth in the form of ‘Umr at-Tawil, “the Prolonged of Life.” From that point, none of the members of the circle seem to age.

1692: The Salem Witch trials. Orne is named as a witch by Hepzibah Lawson and Amity How in 1692, but escapes prosecution – either his case is dismissed for lack of evidence, or he co-operates with the authorities, trading information for leniency. His master in the coven, George Burroughs, is arrested in Maine and hanged in Salem. Other members of the coven flee – “G” to Philadelphia, Edwin Hutchinson to Transylvania, Joseph Curwen to Providence, Rhode Island.

1710-1719: Orne’s failure to grow visibly old draws attention in Salem.

1720: Orne leaves Salem and travels to Europe. He puts his property in the town into the care of trusted servants, although they are enjoined not to visit the house by the woods – the former home of Edwin Hutchison, later purchased by Orne in 1705.

1723: Orne is initiated into the Order of Almousin-Metraton in Malta.

1730: Orne travels briefly to Philadelphia to participate in the opening of the first Freemason’s Lodge in America.

1731: In Egypt, Orne is involved in the murder of the ruling Sheikh al-Balad, as part of a scheme to seize control of certain tombs under the city. Orne spends six years living in the City of the Dead outside Cairo.

1750: “Jedediah” Orne returns to Salem, claiming to be Simon’s son. He provides documents in his “father”’s hand, attesting to his ownership of the properties in Salem.

1751: Joseph Curwen writes a letter to ‘Simon’, describing a ritual to invoke Yog-Sothoth in order to affect future destiny, ensuring that of his “seede of Olde shal one be borne who shal looke Back, tho’ know’g not what he seekes’.

1771: Letters from Providence citizens (likely the ones who attacked Joseph Curwen’s farm) to Rev. Thomas Barnard of Salem arouse more suspicions about Orne.

Orne flees to Baltimore, adopts the name ‘Isaac Pelham’.

1780: Eager to avoid suspicion, Orne becomes involved with a circle of physicians and chemists in the Baltimore area. He redoubles investments in shipping and real estate in the city, and contributes handsomely to the building of public buildings including Baltimore’s courthouse and city hall.

1807: The “Doctor’s Riot”, A mob burns down a private anatomical theatre operated by Dr. John Beale Davidge.

1827: Aided by money from Orne, the Washington Medical College opens, despite objections from the rival University of Maryland Medical school.

1830s: Demand for cadavers in Baltimore rises; an infamous grave-robber known as Frank the Spade becomes well known for his ghoulish talents.

1833: The college moves to new facilities opposite city hall. Tunnels under the city are said to be used to move bodies unseen.

1835: The college’s founder, Dr. Horatio Gates Jameson, departs for Cincinnati. Enrolment numbers at the college decline precipitously; oddly, the rate at which corpses are stolen continues to increase.

1840s: Orne invests in Philadelphia’s burgeoning fertiliser and chemical industries.

1851: The college closes; two years later, a mob attempts to burn down the derelict building, claiming that the devil haunts the building’s cellars.

1853: Orne leaves Baltimore, travelling to Cairo. He digs something up from an incorrectly marked tomb; when resurrected, it attacks him, scarring his face. Wounded, he flees to Prague.

1854: Orne purchases a house at Kleinstrasse 11 in the Altstadt, establishing an identity as “Josef Nadek”. He regularly corresponds with Edwin Hutchinson, who continues to reside in Transylvania as “Count Ferenczy”. He becomes quietly influential in various occult and Masonic circles. Graverobbings in Prague’s cemeteries increase.

1860: Orne establishes new branches of the Order of Almousin-Metraton in Prague, Munich and Paris.

1924: Charles Dexter Ward visits Orne before travelling on to Transylvania.

1925: Through his criminal contacts Paul Carbone and Francois Spirito, Orne imports mummies and other relics from Egypt.

1928: Orne’s house is totally wrecked in a single night by Ógafracoth. “Nadek” flees, leading the creature away from Orne’s secret laboratory that still survives in Prague.

Castle Ferenczy is destroyed in a titan explosion.

1929: Orne establishes himself in Munich, using his Masonic contacts to arrange the purchase of an old house where he recreates his Prague laboratory. He secretly maintains the Prague lab, intending to return there when circumstances permit.

1930: Paul Carbone and Francois Spirito employ genius chemist Joseph Cesari to produce heroin from a secret lab in Marseille.

1935: Riots and Nazi Party condemnation of occult lodges and Freemasonry impel Orne to flee Munich for Marseille, where he has contacts from his days as a merchant trader. He advises Joseph Cesari on pharmaceutical techniques. Orne adopts the name “Jacques Vènice,” vènicemeaning “scar” in Corsican.

1937: Orne establishes a new branch of the Order of Almousin-Metraton in Marseille.

1942: Orne quarrels with his business partners for their collaboration with the Nazis, and switches allegiance to the Guérini crime family. He deploys his Custodes to kill collaborators for the Brutus network of the French resistance, building up credit with the victorious allies to ensure he’s protected after the war.

1953: Establishment of the “French Connection”, linking the Turkish opium trade to the United States drugs market.

Orne returns to Baltimore as “Edwin Pelham” and purchases the site of his former residence.

1964: Unione Corse chemist Joseph Cesari is arrested; the Guérinis demand that Orne take over as lead chemist. Orne agrees, but secretly uses Unione Corse connections to pursue his worship of Yog-Sothoth.

Rung Sat swampThe upcoming Borellus Connection is a gigantic, titanic, cyclopean campaign for Fall of DELTA GREEN. It’s so huge, in fact, that it could not (in its original form) be contained by any binding ritual that could be worked by our printers. It was just huge. Therefore, we’ve a got a wealth of cut material from the campaign that we’ll be presenting as Page XX articles in the months to come. As a taster, here’s a write-up of hazards from the swamps of Vietnam and Ken’s Operation ALONSO, where the Agents are sent to investigate the remnants of the Cthulhu cult that might be lurking in the Rung Sat…

Handlers may not feel the Rung Sat deadly enough with just the provided Encounters, or may wish to throw something more in for flavor or tension-building. Alternatively, Agents who operate carelessly (or roll a natural 1 on an Athletics or Stealth test, making noise and waves) may invite dramatic retribution.


Abilities:Athletics 7, Fighting 9, Health 4

Hit Threshold:4 (quick)

Stealth Modifier:+2

Weapon:strike (Diff 6 Health test; minor:d+2, Hurt; major: L2; -2 Health and -1 Athletics every hour)


Deadly Strike:A cobra automatically spends 3 points of Fighting (if available) when it strikes.


Agents encounter d+2 crocodiles at a time.

Abilities:Athletics 8, Fighting 17, Health 13

Hit Threshold:4

Alertness Modifier:+0 (+1 for splashing targets)

Stealth Modifier:+1 (+2 mostly submerged)

Weapon:bite (d+4), tail swipe (d+2 to a foe in the rear, can be combined with another attack)

Armor:-5 vs any (thick scaly hide)

Aquatic:Crocodiles have contest advantage (FoDG,p. 086) in the water.

Primal Horror:Being attacked by a crocodile triggers a 4-point Stability test (Violence).


A swarm of flies (or other insects) cannot be effectively hit. As long as targets remain inside the cloud, each person suffers d-3 damage per round. In the normal course of things, a cloud of flies is only d-1 rounds “wide.” (Use this same damage for red ant bites, but ants only spend one round on a victim unless he’s tied down.)

Being inside a swarm of angry insects triggers a 3-point Stability (Helplessness) test; those who fail must attempt to leave the cloud, throwing down heavy equipment or leaving the trail to do so.

Flame weapons (white phosphorus grenades, flamethrowers) can briefly damage or disperse a cloud of flies. Only chemical fog permanently disperses an insect swarm.


Among other hideous things, the Rung Sat houses the giant forest scorpion. Any good hit on one of these six-inch monsters (Hit Threshold 3) kills it, but if the Agent fails a Sense Trouble test (Difficulty 5, or 4 if the Agent has Survival) it stings first.

Onset:d-2 hours (minimum 5 minutes); Health test Difficulty:4; Minor: d-1; Severe:Hurt (paralyzed), d+2 to both Health and Athletics

Sucking Mud

A layer of mud covers a sinkhole or fumarole, producing a sucking vacuum when an Agent steps through it. It takes a Difficulty 6 Sense Trouble to notice the slight depression in the middle of the mud flat (Difficulty 5 with Survival).

Anyone who fails becomes stuck in the mud, sinking rapidly as the low pressure below sucks him under. It requires an Athletics test (Difficulty 3) to avoid going under; +3 Difficulty to escape entirely. Reduce the Difficulty by -1 if they have a rope to cling to or climb up. Each round, the Difficulty increases by 1. Someone stuck in the mud can Cooperate on this test, but only with someone on firmer ground – and on a failed 1, both go into the mud.

Someone who goes under the mud begins drowning immediately, losing d+3 Athletics and Health (divided however they like) each round from inhaling mud.

VC Booby Trap

Punji stake traps (FoDG,p. 140) don’t work without soil to dig in, although the VC might booby trap a seemingly solid section of ground that way.

In the Rung Sat, the guerrillas prefer grenade traps triggered by tripwires around trees or in the shallow water near their bases. Spotting a tripwire requires a test of Conceal or Demolitions (Difficulty 4) or Sense Trouble (Difficulty 5). Not spotting a tripwire triggers a grenade (L1*). Disarming it takes a quick snip of the wire (Mechanics Difficulty 3 or Demolitions Difficulty 2); stepping over it just takes a round of otherwise undistracted movement.

Dice imagePlease email for instructions on how to take part in this month’s playtest!


Title: The Borellus Connection

System: The Fall of DELTA GREEN

Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Kenneth Hite

Deadline: May 31st 2019

Number of sessions: 2-3 per adventure


The Borellus Connection is a campaign for Fall of Delta Green, using the heroin trade and the United States Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs as a narrative spine. The campaign runs from South-East Asia to the Middle East to Europe, as the Agents uncover the sinister machinations of a necromantic cult.

  • Operation ALONSO (Saigon, Vietnam): The NBDD assigns the Agents to surveil a drug summit at the Continental Palace hotel between Unione Corse bosses and emissaries from Marseille. While there, DELTA GREEN wants them to ascertain the status of the Cthulhu cult in the Rung Sat region south-east of the city.
  • Operation NEPENTHE (Baltimore, Maryland):  Orne intends to use Baltimore as his stepping stone towards his ultimate goal – transcending humanity and becoming one with Yog-Sothoth. He uses the occult resources he’s assembled over the course of the campaign to warp the city, piggybacking on the minds of the drug users to cast a vast necromantic ritual, opening the door between our reality and the Unnatural. He can step through – but what approaches from the other side?