Matthew Pook provides a detailed review of Out of Time on Reviews from R’yleh.

The very title of Out of Time hints at the desperate nature of the four scenarios in the anthology. Three of the four also take Trail of Cthulhu out of its traditional period of the 1930s, while the fourth, “The Black Drop,” certainly takes Trail of Cthulhu far from civilisation. All four though continue Trail of Cthulhu’s tradition of strong strong with well written and well realised scenarios

Dan Harms continues his quest to review all Trail books with this review of Out of Time (in general) and The Big Hoodoo (in particular).

Out of Time is a great scenario package if you haven’t purchased these scenarios yet, and each promises an evening of fun.

Bill White, Big Hoodoo writer has recorded a session he ran at the PAX East game convention. He says:

If you’ve read “The Big Hoodoo” and want to run it, but are wondering about all its moving parts, there’s an audio recording of me running the game at PAX East for the nice folks at the Nerdbound podcast. We all had an excellent time!

It’s here at Nerdbound.

There’s a little bit of background noise because of the convention center space, but you can hear us okay.

A glowing review of The Big Hoodoo over at; 10 out of 10.

The adventure effortless transports investigators from scene to scene without the need to railroad the players. The clues themselves lead the players to frightful conclusions steadily ramping up the suspense level until the final climax.

Plus deserved praise for Jerome:

For me, at least, Jerome is the successor to greats like Blair Reynolds who managed to terrify me long after I have shelved the books away. He encapsulates magnificently the totality of the Cthulhu vibe.

BHcoverThumbnailThe stories of rocketships and rayguns you read under cover of dark are coming to life before your eyes. Will you become a victim of Parsons’ ‘Big Hoodoo’?

The Big Hoodoo is Lovecraftian noir in 1950s California with a ripped-from-history plot centered on the explosive death of real-world rocket scientist, science fiction fan, and occultist Jack Parsons in a garage laboratory in 1952. The investigators are iconic figures active in the science fiction scene at the time of Parsons’ death, and their inquiries lead them from the mean streets of Pasadena to the edge of the Mojave Desert and the mountains of southern California as well as the beaches of Los Angeles.

Play sci-fi great Robert Heinlein, his ex-Navy engineer wife Virginia, renowned editor and mystery writer Tony Boucher, or a young Philip K. Dick as they confront the lunatic fringe in La-La Land, and find themselves caught in a charlatan’s web of chicanery, mendacity, and deceit-laced with a strong strand of mythos menace.

The adventure includes brief biographical hooks for the PCs to orient players to their investigators as well as suggestions for alternate and additional investigators. Brief rules for a magic system intended to evoke the Enochian “magick” invented by John Dee and Edward Kelley, adopted by Aleister Crowley, and passed on to Jack Parsons are appended, and are used in the adventure. It can be played as a convention one-shot, or serve as the basis for a slightly longer set of episodes covering two or three evenings of entertainment.

The Big Hoodoo is by Bill White (Castle Bravo) and has now been published alongside The Black Drop, Castle Bravo, and Not So Quiet in the Out of Time anthology, available in our webstore.

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