After a herculean struggle with the delivery company, the Trail of Cthulhu Greatest Covers Posters have arrived! The initial orders have gone out and we’re pleased to say that the three A2 posters look fantastic. Jerome’s amazing artwork is shown in all its horrific, ENnie-award-nominated glory. These posters are a limited edition print run, we only have a few sets left so get them while you can!

The 3-cover poster set includes Arkham Detective Tales, Trail of Cthulhu and Rough Magicks.


Pookie over at Reviews from R’lyeh has re-reviewed the extended edition of Arkham Detective Tales which is due for release in November. You can read the full review here.

Ultimately, what “The King’s Men” does is nicely round out the quartet in Arkham Detective Tales and make it a quintet. In doing so, it draws the detectives of New York city away from the metropolis and into New England and its darker, older secrets. It also serves as an easy introduction to Arkham itself, and there is no reason that this introduction could not lead to a sequel. Return to Arkham Detective Tales, anyone?

From José Muñoz. Here is the Direct Link in the original Spanish and here’s a link to Google’s Translator.

It is loaded with action and always leaves open one or more outputs to the survival of the researchers, with little emphasis on certain events that might undermine their mental health, which makes a charge Arkham Tales Detective mainly pulp. However, in response to popular sentiment in which the purity is measured in relation to proximity to the Mythos, this is the purest supplement for [Trail of Cthulhu] published so far, which delight many fans of the game.

There were a few not unreasonably mutterings that Arkham Detective Tales did not contain any adventures set in Arkham.  There were also mumblings that the editing, credited to a certain Simon Rogers, was not up to our usual standards. We have taken steps to resolve this. First, Simon Rogers has been removed from editing duties.  Second, a new version is now available for download with typos fixed and an additional adventure set in Arkham.

Customers who bought from the Pelgrane Press webstore, and IPR customers can download the new version from their order page. If you purchased from a retailer who is part of our PDF Preorder Program, you can ask your retailer.

If you purchased from another retailer, please contact me with proof of purchase, and I’ll set you up with the new PDF.

Arkham Extended Cover Thumbnail

Cyclopean skyscrapers, bizarre cults, strange foreigners and eerie alleyways – the city of New York stands on the threshold between the modern age and the Mythos.

No-one in the NYPD speaks of it, but everyone knows that certain neighborhoods are to be left alone and that there are worse things than criminals in the shadows. Only the foolhardy or the desperate follow the trail down these haunted streets.

The Investigators are law enforcement agents and their civilian consultants, answerable for their actions, but will the full force of the law be enough to stem the tide of the Mythos?

Five labyrinthine and spine-chilling mysteries for your Trail of Cthulhu investigators!

  • The Kidnapping: An infant has been snatched from the cradle. Can the Investigators track down the kidnappers before the parents are forced to pay the ransom?
  • The Book: Two men die under similar circumstances within a day of each other, victims of a serial killer that stalks New York. As the Investigators delve into the mystery, they discover the perils of learning too much…
  • The Wreck: The tramp steamer Star of Mauritius is discovered drifting in the harbour. Her crew are all dead or missing. What secrets lie within her rusting hull?
  • Return to Red Hook: Thomas Malone led the police into the slums of Red Hook ten years ago, and dozens of officers died there. Now, the horror at Red Hook has returned, and once again New York’s finest must risk their lives amid the crumbling bricks tenements.
  • The King’s Men: Detective Thomas Talby commits suicide under suspicious circumstances. Papers found among his belongings put the investigators on a trail that leads to historic Arkham and the dangerous Miskatonic Island cult.
Stock #:PELGT08 Author: Gareth Hanrahan
Artist:Jerome Huguenin Pages: 109

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