Summoning Spells

13 True Ways introduced druids and necromancers as the first summoning spellcasters. Now this installment of the Monthly adds:

  • Updated summoning mechanics for 13th Age
  • New demon and elemental summoning spells for the wizard’s spellbook
  • New archon summoning spells for the cleric’s prayer-roster
  • Stats for summoned archons, demons and elementals
  • A new demon type: the laughing demon!

Summoning Spells is the sixth installment of 13th Age Monthly Vol. 1. You can buy it as a stand-alone PDF, or purchase the collected Volume 1 to get all 12 issues plus the Free RPG Day adventures Make Your Own Luck and At Land’s Edge!

Stock #: PEL13AM07D Author: Rob Heinsoo
Artist: Rich Longmore Pages: 13pg PDF

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2 Responses to “Summoning Spells”

  1. Falco1029 says:

    Bah, nothing for Sorcerers? I mean, yeah, they can gain access to wizardry either a bit late or with a single spell, but I’d love to see some chaos inducing summons unique to them.

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