Sneak Peak of 13th Age Layout

Here we have some pages by designer and illustrater Lee Moyer from the forthcoming fantasy RPG 13th Age. These are just rough mock ups but we think they look rather nice. Comments are welcome but we’re not after detailed critiques.

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  1. […] in See Page XX, there’s a preview of the 13th Age game’s graphic layout. The layout doesn’t blow […]

  2. Will says:

    What happened to the Kickstarter that was supposed to start today?

  3. […] Over the Edge, Everway) oraz Rob Heinsoo (4 edycja D&D).Fragmenty podręcznika dostępne są na stronie wydawnictwa.13 True Ways będzie zawierał dodatkowe zasady zarówno dla graczy, jak i mistrzów gry, a także […]

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