Skulduggery Cover v2.0

So, what do you think?


9 Responses to “Skulduggery Cover v2.0”

  1. James Wallis says:

    The cheerleader is shouting into a cup, and the character on the right looks like they’ve stolen the title character’s leotard from Kick Ass. Black dude’s belt-buckle is somewhere near his navel. No wonder the pirate looks skeptical.

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  3. Allen Varney says:

    Four people, two of them ordinary, standing blankly in their featureless orange room. Hard to think how to convey less imagination.

    Isn’t Skulduggery about intricate social interactions? They should all be trying to wheedle and inveigle and bluff each other. Maybe an RPG version of the famous Dogs Playing Poker black-velvet paintings?

  4. Graham says:

    I like the character art, but the composition of the cover isn’t saying anything to me. Allen explains it well. Part of it is that the pictures don’t form a composite whole. Also, what is the strange thing in spacelady’s hand?

    I wonder if you need a tagline? Skulduggery is a good name, but it doesn’t tell me what the game’s about.


  5. Brennen says:

    I agree with Graham. The composition is quite off, and the character grouping is awkward. There are too many tangents, or near tangents with the characters’ poses. You need more overlap and interaction.

    Who is the cheerleader yelling at? One of the basic rules of putting an image of a person onto a page is that they look to the inside or straight ahead.

    There are some kerning issues That’s an HPLHS font, right? The problem with free or cheap fonts is that there are almost always kerning issues out of the box. You’ve gotta get in there and get your hands dirty.

    Generally speaking, I really like minimalist layout, but this doesn’t really do anything for me. It certainly doesn’t say “roleplaying game.” Either do something awesome with swiss-inspired typography or do something awesome with dynamic art and custom lettering, but don’t water them down and combine them.

  6. Chris says:

    The guy in the white shirt w/tie needs a little ‘red’ on him.

  7. Pablo says:

    I do like the artwork a lot, but as Allen Varney has put it, the composition and the orange background seems a bit… weak to say something.

  8. Simon Rogers says:

    Thank you so much for all the comments – very useful. I like the characters and the look, but it seems my aesthetic sense is really off, so I’ll start from scratch.

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