skulBamboozle! Betray! Backstab!

Why go all the way to the dungeon for enemies, when the other players are sitting right next to you?

Skulduggery, the Roleplaying Game Of Verbal Fireworks & Sudden Reversals, brings fast and funny innovation to the exciting world of inter-player conflict!

  • Super-speedy character generation gets your group skeeving and conniving in minutes. Just distribute component cards, trade, and you’re done.
  • Simple, and simply hilarious, rules convert the eternal playground chant of “No you don’t!” “Oh, yes I do!” into a zingy action resolution system.
  • Turns your power-gamers into witticism machines by rewarding the strategic use of pre-supplied punchlines.
  • Exploit others’ weaknesses, while weaseling away from your own, as you grapple with an uproarious array of self-defeating temptations.
  • Unleashes the updated rules of the acclaimed Dying Earth Roleplaying Game, bringing elegant finagling and oneupsmanship to any genre.
  • Revel in the dark art of Machiavellian Game Mastering with copious guidance and devious advice.

Comes pre-loaded with four side-splitting, ready-to-play scenarios:

  • If Space Permits: Amid a crazy bacchanal, interstellar traders compete to corner the market on hallucinogenic jumpwine.
  • Yes, Wing: Hose your fellow cabinet secretaries in the most betray-o-riffic place on Earth: Washington, D.C.
  • Casting Call: Sign-up sheets have gone up for this year’s high school musical. Let the viciousness commence!
  • Skulduggery & Crossbones: You’re pirates. You’re trapped on a becalmed ship. Your captain just got his head bitten off by a shark. Go!

Download the cards and appendices for Skulduggery here.

Three new settings from Gareth Hanrahan are available to download as PDFs now – Black Smoke, Pacific’s Six and The Wedding.

Status: Out Now

Stock #: PELK01 Author: Robin D Laws
Artist: Jerome Huguenin Format: 120-page letter-size


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