Sisters of Sorrow

Deep beneath the North Atlantic, all kinds of things can hear you scream.


The crew of German U-boat UC-12, is sent on a standard mission; penetrate the North Sea defensive zone, make their way to Tyneside, lay their mines and return. But nothing in the Great War is that simple. While underwater, the crew start to hear a strange, muffled booming noise, ringing like a sequence of church bells. It’s not whales. It’s not enemy forces. Something else is down here. While settled on the sea floor to get some much-needed rest, the crew starts to act suspiciously. Someone is up to no good. The ship’s cat disappears and a strange weed is found growing on board.

Then the tapping on the hull begins.


Sisters of Sorrow is the latest Trail of Cthulhu scenario from Adam Gauntlett (Not So Quiet, Flying Coffins) and has now been published alongside Vaterland and Dead Horse Corner in the Dulce et Decorum Est – Great War Trail of Cthulhu anthology, available in our webstore.

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5 Responses to “Sisters of Sorrow”

  1. Kevin Maschler says:

    I bought “Out of Time” chiefly to get a physical copy of “Not So Quiet,” although the other scenarios are entertaining and enjoyable.

    As one who is fascinated by the First World War, I would definitely purchase a Great War saga compilation even if it meant purchasing “Not So Quiet” a second time. I know I should make the leap to .pdfs but I still enjoy and cling to my physical books.

    I want more Great War scenarios and hope they continue to shift settings / theatres. I’d like to see one set in the Eastern Front (the Romanian / Bulgarian conflict over Transylvania), the Middle East (a desert-swallowed lost city in the Sinai temporarily rediscovered by unfortunate Anzacs), and perhaps one set during Smuts’ chase of von Lettow-Vorbeck through East Africa.

  2. LJS says:

    The Ypres Tunnel war seems a natural for a ToC adventure.

    To go far afield, perhaps something in the Pacific/Indian Ocean based around the commerce raiders like the Wolf?

    But YES, YES, another physical book. I much prefer my adventures in print rather than .pdf!

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