See Page XX – October 2017

Happy Hallowe’en! We’ve got a spookily themed See Page XX for you this month, with articles on incorporating this most gamerish of holidays into your Pelgrane games, as well as looks at GUMSHOE-adjacent TV shows like Stranger Things 2 and Star Trek: Discovery.

We were very excited to see the beautiful Cthulhu Confidential Limited Edition at Gen Con, and this month, it can be yours, too. We’ve also got the PDF of the 13th Age Bestiary 2, and the latest PDF adventure for Cthulhu Confidential, the Dex Raymond adventure High Voltage Kill, available now.

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2 Responses to “See Page XX – October 2017”

  1. gdave says:

    The poll doesn’t seem to allow for multiple answers, but I do several of the items more than once a month:

    Play board games
    Play live action roleplaying games (which I’m assuming means tabletop rpgs, not LARPing)
    Play video games

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