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Happy Halloween! Our festivities have focused around Dracula, as he has landed in various homes all over the world – like some kind of horrible Santa Claus. Our backers have been kind enough to snap him in various guises as he arrives – you can see their photos here, or on the Dracula Dossier Facebook page or GMs-only Google+ group. You can also catch up on the entirety of Ken’s 31 Days of #Dractober, as he’s watched seemingly every Dracula film ever, here.

New in the store we’ve got the pre-order for the 13th Age Game Master’s screen and resource book, remaining limited edition copies of 13 True Ways, and PDFs of Cthulhu Apocalypse and The Long Con, a one-shot adventure for Trail of Cthulhu. We’ve also got the October edition of KWAS, MAJESTIC Overwatch, and the October edition of 13th Age Monthly, Echo & Gauntlet. KWAS Vol. 3 subscribers now have the November edition, Galileo Uplift, on their order receipt pages – this will be available to non-subscribers at the end of November.

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Would you back a Trail of Cthulhu Starter Set on Kickstarter, directed at new players?

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11 Responses to “See Page XX: October 2015”

  1. John Gonzalez says:


    A question about the proposed ToC starter set: would the text of the core book remain unchanged, or receive a freshing-up to include newer GUMSHOE ideas developed for NBA, etc? I recall an interview with Kenneth Hite in which he said that he and Robin Laws have “gotten better” at writing GUMSHOE rules since ToC first appeared, so the possibility of an updated edition is deeply intriguing.



    • Simon Rogers says:

      The starter set would be rewritten from scratch, but is not a second edition – it will be a relatively short and concise version of the rules specifically aimed at introducing beginners to GUMSHOE and roleplaying in general – the adventure will be a tutorial, for example.

    • bomberclaad says:

      I agree, an updated edition of the ToC rulebook sound very tempting.

  2. Benj says:

    Specifically, “No – I already have Trail of Cthulhu” … and my group and I are not new, so a starter set is less of a draw.

  3. Nathaniel James says:

    Agree w/ Benj. I wholly support the idea. It’s just I’ve already bought in, and a starter set doesn’t necessarily offer me anything new (aside from OCD completeness’ sake), especially on a limited budget. Now if it did offer something new beyond the starter scenario I’d consider it… But then that defeats the point of the starter set.

  4. Matt Jett says:

    I only have a PDF copy of Trail of Cthulhu, so if the Starter Box had a copy of (most of) the core rulebook in a more portable form factor I’d back it.

    I don’t know how compelling a super stripped down version of the rules would be, as someone who already knows the game.

  5. John Gonzalez says:

    It appears I should have answered the poll, “No — I already have Trail of Cthulhu.” That said, I might still fund the kickstarter just to support the line.

    Personally, I’d be far more excited to see the Core Book receive a post-NBA update (though I suppose the condensed rules already serve this function). NBA’s darkness rules, some cherries, and even TFFBs would seem to apply well to pulp adventures.

  6. Yes! I think TOY GUMSHOE could easily be adapted into this.

    How’s that for yet another wackadoo opinion?

  7. I would love to see a 2nd Trail of Cthulhu Edition, but a Starter Box? Meh…

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