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It’s convention season again, and we’re dashing around from place to place, delighted to catch up with customers and colleagues in such far-flung destinations as Birmingham, UK and Columbus, OH. If you can’t make it to your local convention, you can pick up our latest releases as they happen here on See Page XX, with the luxuriously tentacled Cthulhu City Limited Edition now available. Getting closer to print now are the pre-orders for the long-awaited 13th Age sandbox campaign Shards of the Broken Sky, and the simultaneously gritty and super-powered police procedural Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition, as well as the pre-orders for the four-panel Director’s Screen and Resource Guideand the solitary Night’s Black Agents: Solo Ops

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7 Responses to “See Page XX – June 2019”

  1. Allan says:

    When will the pre-Order for Solo and Even finish, both seem to be going for awhile?

  2. Ian Martin says:

    Regarding the Poll, I don’t have a particular limit. If the higher cost is due to higher quality in terms of production values – written content, art, and paper/binding – then it usually isn’t an issue. However, I generally don’t pay for limited editions, which are generally quite gimmicky.

  3. Scott Jenks says:

    I’m with Ian, I don’t mind paying extra for an attractive and useful high quality book but not willing to spend a lot for a fancy premium book. The exception would be something really innovative design wise, like Onyx Path doing the classic Werewolf The Apocalypse slashed claw mark cover in actual metal for their Anniversary Heavy Metal Edition. Even then $100 plus shipping would be maximum for a single book

  4. Hector Trelane says:

    For me, RPG books over $40 would need to be beautiful works of art that are worth having as a print edition in themselves. Examples include The One Ring by Cubicle 7, whose gorgeous art itself is a big part of conveying the setting. Fall of Delta Green may fit into that category, and perhaps Changeling: the Dreaming (White Wolf classic).

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