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June has been a busy month! Our trips to two big conventions (UK Games Expo and the Origins Game Fair) have meant we’ve been on the road for a lot of June. Still, it’s always great to catch with Pelgrane fans, writers and GMs. Roll on Gen Con!

Production of the two core Dracula Dossier books have dominated this month, but we’ve still found time for a big, new launch in the form of a beautful new hardback collection of the relentlessly purist Cthulhu Apocalypse rules and adventures. We’ve also got the June edition of KWAS, Hideous Creatures: The Great Race of Yith, now available in the webstore, as is the June edition of 13th Age Monthly, Summoning Spells. KWAS Vol. 3 subscribers now have the latest edition, Mutant City Spies, on their order receipt pages – this will be available to non-subscribers at the end of July. And another two brand-new story games are available to playtest, from our upcoming story games anthology.

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11 Responses to “See Page XX – June 2015”

  1. I don’t know if I’m alone in this but when will we see more of Toy GUMSHOE. I loved the idea and it’s the perfect way to present the system to my players.

  2. Phobos says:

    I like Delta Green as much as the next guy, but there’s a new version in the works and GUMSHOE conversions are easy.

    Now, a Sword & Mythos game – with all the rich source material available on prehistorical mythos Earth – is something I *don’t* have. And would dearly love to see.

  3. CryAxe says:

    GUMSHOE Compendium, with Settings
    GUMSHOE Investigative Fantasy
    GUMSHOE Swords and Mythos

    These seem to be the most interesting and useful.

  4. Giancarlo says:

    I’d like to see a Cthulhu apocalypse setting for 13th Age; half Mad Max, half Midnight (the FFG setting), half Cthulhu.

  5. Niclas M says:

    Wow! That’s a close vote :)
    Which also reflects my thoughts on the subject. I eventually voted Gumshoe Ancient Earth, but Delta Green, Investigative Fantasy, and Compendium were realy close. I could just as well have rolled a d4 :P

  6. Jake says:

    For what it’s worth:
    GUMSHOE Investigative Fantasy: I love this idea. It risks splitting the publication further, but I, for one, would buy it.
    GUMSHOE Compendium: Probably the most practical item on the list; useful, but dull.
    A Delta Green crossover: I like Delta Green, but I think Esoterrorists and NBA pretty much have this covered.
    Swords and Mythos – GUMSHOE Ancient Earth Version: Nope, sorry. Not a Swords & Mythos fan, and it risks catering to a niche of a niche.
    Swords and Mythos – 13th Age Version: Slightly better idea than the GUMSHOE version, but if I wanted mythic 13th Age, I’d play Glorantha.
    A GUMSHOE crossover book for 13th Age: I play 13th Age for different reasons than GUMSHOE, and the two systems are trying for two different goals. It would be like trying to do an Advanced Squad Leader/Feng Shui crossover.

  7. Ben says:

    Death in the Dark Ages! There must be other people who are dying to know what it is/was, at least.

  8. I *treble* the motion for more TOY GUMSHOE !

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