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We’ve been nominated for 15 ENnies including one for Page XX! Voting ends tomorrow, so we would appreciate your votes. You can find out more about our ENnie nominations, and a link on how to vote, here.

However, we’re not just resting on our nomination laurels. With less than three weeks to go until Gen Con, we’re beavering away to get a giant stack of new products out for the show. The first of these is now available to pre-order; Shadows of Eldolan, the first published adventure for 13th Age and The Book of Loot, featuring a raft of magic items for your 13th Age game. And of course, 13 True Ways is still available for pre-order, too. KWAS subscribers will get the August edition, Xeno-archaeology!, this month; meanwhile, non-subscribers can now buy Hideous Creatures: Serpent Folk as a stand-alone product in the shop.

New Releases

  • 13 True Ways – the long-awaited expansion book for 13th Age features six new classes, the lore of devils, the keys to Horizon, the Great Gold Worm’s secret assassin, and much more.
  • Shadows of Eldolan – this first level adventure for 13th Age pits players against the problems brewing in the port town of Eldolan
  • The Book of Loot – a collection of magic items for 13th Age to be found, stolen, given as rewards or otherwise looted by the player characters.
  • Hideous Creatures: Serpent Folk – the new subscription of Ken Writes about Stuff showcases the Children of Yig
  • Series Pitch of the Month – This month’s edition is Promised Land by Caias Ward


13th Age

13th Age Resource page updates

  • 13th Age Monsters List – Sean Dunstan and our man Detective Clayton have created a list of all the monsters in the 13th Age Core rulebook, Bestiary and 13 True Ways
  • 13th Age character sheet – Ieuane has done a new version of the character sheet

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8 Responses to “See Page XX – July 2014”

  1. Tim Baker says:

    While I don’t get the opportunity to attend conventions, it’s not because I don’t enjoy them, it’s because life is busy and funds are tight. I’d suggest that the verbiage gets updated — I almost didn’t vote, because none of the options fit my situation.

    • Neal Dalton says:

      I agree with Mr. Baker. I was fortunate enough to get to Metatopia last year and have wanted to get to Dreamation and DexCon but wasn’t able to make it happen. And Metatopia was the first con I’ve been to since GenCon in 1996.

      • Chris says:

        Here is another vote for “None – But I love going to conventions”

        A combination of low funds and high work quantities mean I haven’t been to a con in years. I can either afford the travel or the ticket! Plus the UK cons are badly advertised so I always miss when they are on.

    • Niclas Matikainen says:

      Same here. Wouldn’t mind going to some cons, they are just to far away for it to be practical…

  2. Nate Doyle says:

    Some people have been running the basic adventures of 13th Age at my local conventions. I was going to try to DM a table at Ghengis Con in Colorado (February).

    • Jon Holmberg says:

      I’m running Wyrd of the Wild Wood (2 sessions) at Tacticon (denver) next week, and there are a couple of spots still open.
      If you run a game at GhengisCon, I’ll go. I only skimmed the other public play stuff before I settled on WoWW as the Most Awesome and easiest to do in 2 parts.

  3. Simon Rogers says:

    Yes, we should have added another option to cover those who don’t attend conventions for reasons other than “dislike”

  4. Jon Stimson says:

    Hi Pelgrane Folk,

    So I sent Cat an email regarding wanting to playtest “Your Dead Eyes My Mirror” and it hasn’t been that long yet so I feel sorry for bugging you, but I noticed today that gmail seems to be sending my emails to the spam box if I send them to people who don’t have me listed as a contact. This is annoying but not sure I can do anything about it other than politely ask you to make sure to check the spam box, especially if your mail is run off gmail.

    Thank you, and if you got it and just haven’t got around to answering yet (as I’m sure you are flooded with email) then I’m sorry to bother you. Just being paranoid I suppose.

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