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The weather’s been miserable for the last few weeks, so I’ve been cheering myself up with virtual holidays in the sunny foreign climes of the Dragon Empire, going through the maps of the first of our Battle Scenes book, High Magic & Low Cunning: Battle Scenes for Five Icons, and its accompanying map folio, which you can buy together as a special pre-order only bundle in the webstore. I highly recommend a trip white-water rafting with orcs to take your mind off the rain. We’ve also been working on the final print version of our one-shot story game anthology, Seven Wonders, which I’m still excited about – I think it’s going to make a great hardback.

We’ve pulled together all the individual issues of 13th Age Monthly subscription into Volume 1, and set up the second installment of the subscription, which launches this month with Rakshashas & Reavers. KWAS subscribers now have the February edition, Bast, available on their order pages – this will be available generally at the end of February. The January edition, Alchemy, is now on sale in the store.

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28 Responses to “See Page XX – January 2016”

  1. Scott Jenks says:

    PDF on iPad, I’m surprised this wasn’t and option

  2. Ollie Gross says:

    If we are talking about rpg/game books, then it’s PDF on iPad. For novels it’s ePUB on Kobo Glo.

  3. Neal Dalton says:

    I usually read RPG in PDF format on my iPad but that is only because I haven’t found a suitable PDF program for my Kindle Fire.

  4. Frederick Foulds says:

    I read my RPG books as PDFs on my Nook HD when I’m not reading my dead tree copies.

  5. S. Ben Melhuish says:

    PDF on iPad (traditional size, not Mini or Pro).

  6. Martin Legg says:

    iPad and pdf all the way.mnone if the ereaders can do rpg Game books justice.

  7. Rodyle says:

    PDF for me, too. I prefer to have all stuff I need for me encounters in a single place, and pdf allows me to copy monster stats and stuff into a single encounter document, while the epub and mobi readers I have had do not.

  8. Vidal says:

    PDF on my iPad rarely on the computer.

  9. PDF on iPad for RPG books, EPub on Tolino eReader for fiction

  10. geelpete says:

    PDF on Kindle Fire.

  11. AndrewTBP says:

    I’m a GoodReader on iPad person for preference, but I open them in Preview on my MacBook Pro from time to time. Usually because I want to copy & paste something from 13th Age books into a Roll20 character sheet. That’s much easier on the MacBook than the iPad.

  12. Purple Stuart says:

    All of the above, plus pdf on iPad

  13. Tony Williams says:

    PDF on tablet ( Android )

  14. Chris Jarocha-Ernst says:

    PDF on various devices: Kindle, Android tablet, laptop. MOBI is nice, but I don’t use just a Kindle, even with the Kindle app on everything.

  15. Britt says:

    iPad and Mac, I prefer PDF for RPG and other layouted books and EPUB for novels etc.

  16. Ryan Christiansen says:

    It depends on the context. I read fiction on a Kindle, but I prefer to have my RPG books in PDF format on a PC so that I can refer to them or print pages from them.

  17. David Dunham says:

    On iPad. Don’t usually have EPUB so it’s usually PDF. (iPad is Retina display, none of my computers are.)

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