See Page XX: Jan/Feb 2013

January is often seen as the most depressing month of the year, the weather is awful, the holiday weight just won’t shift and you’ve already broken your New Year’s Resolutions. Let Page XX rid you of your January Blues with a bumper January/February edition including articles from Robin D Laws and Kenneth Hite, a new 13th Age monster from Ryven Cedrylle,  and a new playable 13th Age Race from Casey Peavler, as well as interviews with the designers. Mystic Moo has dropped by to give us her 2013 predictions and Jason Morningstar has kindly let us reproduce his Fight Fire Tables from Fate Core as they are a handy guide for any game. We have a set of player aids for Ashen Stars in the form of easy to use Tech Cards from Ralf Schemmann. For the first time, we have an open call for Artists with examples of what we’re looking for in terms of style. Head honcho Simon Rogers provides the usual round up of all things Pelgrane and we have some playtest opportunities.

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Which GUMSHOE game would you most like to see as a computer game?

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4 Responses to “See Page XX: Jan/Feb 2013”

  1. Niclas M says:

    The computer game question sure is interesting, I can’t stop myself from putting down my first impressions.

    Mutant City Blues: The only one that didn’t give me an instant vision for how it would play. I still think ther’s potential here, though there’s that nagging feeling that it would turn into “L.A. Noir” with mutant powers.

    Trail of Cthulhu, The Esoterrorists, Fear Itself: Point & Click, was my first thought. Then I realized that there are games like “Amnesia: Dark Descent” out there. The potential is endless. Eventhough I think the setting and monsters of FI are the scariest, ToC would be the way to go, with Cthulhu being the bacon of gaming and all…

    Ashen Stars: Endless potential! To bad “Mass Effect” got there first…

    Night’s Black Agents: Got my vote, and a lot of people seem to agree. Probably the one that is “easiest” to turn into a computer game, with an action packed shooter being the obvious way to go (with various investigations to give you some sort of edge in the boss fights).

    My order of preference:
    Night’s Black Agents
    Fear Itself
    Ashen Stars
    Trail of Cthulhu
    The Esoterrists
    Mutan City Blues

  2. Reverance Pavane says:

    If there is a Trail of Cthulhu computer game would it use Jerome’s stunning artwork as it’s base? If so, a most definite yes.

  3. Nook Harper says:

    I think Esoterrorists because it lauds the groundwork for the other Gumshoe games.
    Engine wise, I’m really enjoying L.A. Noire

  4. Niclas M says:

    Hmm… my comment about L.A. Noir might have come across as harsher than intended…
    My concern for MCB is similar to the one I have for Ashen Star; a well known franchise is allready doing the same thing, which could make it hard to edge in on the market.
    Then again, an action packed shooter doesn’t neccesarily become original because you add vampires to the mix, so my argument is full of holes anyway :P

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