See Page XX – December 2014

As the song goes, it’s beginning to look a lot like fishmen, and we’ve got a big haul of seasonal freebies for you, including new music from James Semple for The Esoterrorists, great resources for the DramaSystem by Jon Cole, bonus characters for Bill White’s adventure The Big Hoodoo, a new blank agent dossier and a German translation of Matt Breen’s awesome Night’s Black Agents character sheet. As well as this, we’ve got all the 13th Age PDFs you’ve been waiting for – 13 True WaysShadows of Eldolan and The Book of Loot. KWAS subscribers will get the properly awful Hideous Creatures: Rat-Things, and the Fear Itself/Owl Hoot Trail Weird West edition, Vendetta Run, is now available in the webstore.  Happy holidays!

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4 Responses to “See Page XX – December 2014”

  1. Shrike says:

    Isaac Asimov called his predictive social science Scientology (I see from reading the Asimov character sheet)? Do I need to re-read the Foundation stories to say he called it psychohistory? Either Mr. White is having joke on us Asimov fans or he is making snide comments vis-a-vis L. Ron Hubbard’s cult.

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Hey Shrike,

      That’s deliberate – in the alternate history of Bill’s “The Big Hoodoo”, Psychohistory is the stand-in term for Dianetics/Scientology, while Scientology is created by Asimov for his Academy series.

  2. Mike Domino says:

    Hi. Any word on when the Dreamhounds preorders will start to ship? I haven’t missed it, as I haven’t received my copies? Thanks.
    Mike D

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