See Page XX: December 2012

Christmas has come early in Pelgrane Towers, even old HPL is excited. We would like to share our Christmas cheer with you in the form of a sleigh-full of Page XX goodies. You will experience the festive delights of the Feast of Gold, the mid-winter celebration in 13th Age’s Dragon Empire. Lowell Francis has placed a Christmas-themed DramaSystem series pitch under the tree and Kenneth Hite fills your stockings with news of Double Tap, an expansion book for Night’s Black Agents. Graham Walmsley has been rooting around in Santa’s sack and come up with an article on publishing your own setting and Ryven Cedrylle gives the reindeer a run for their money with the Duskwish, a new monster of the 13th Age. Old Jolly himself Robin D Laws shows you how to work recurring characters into your DramaSystem game. Last but not least, Pelgrane head Reindeer Simon Rogers tells you all you need to know about Pelgrane Press in View from the Pelgrane’s Nest.

Finally, this month only, get any Pelgrane download at a 20% discount from the store. Use the voucher XMAS@20% at the store checkout.


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The Mutant City Blues PDF Bundle – Mutant City Blues, Hard Helix, Brief Cases at 25% Off  – PDF Download


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7 Responses to “See Page XX: December 2012”

  1. Steve says:

    The Diabolist. She’s full of surprises!!!

  2. Ack says:

    Oh c’mon, it has to be The Three, they have all the good stuff…

  3. Brian says:

    Dwarven Ale. ‘Nuff said.

  4. James Haughton says:

    I tried to use that code to buy the pdf of “out of time’ and got an error message saying it didn’t apply to my order.

  5. wraith808 says:

    @James same here, though I was attempting to get Night’s Black Agents.

  6. Simon Rogers says:

    @wraith What error code did you get? The offer applies only to download products.

  7. Yannick says:

    I got the same message, saying that there were no products to which the code was applicable.. and I bought only download products, on two separate occasions, just 5 minutes ago and yesterday. Not that it’s that big an issue for me, I would’ve bought the books anyway.

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