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We’ve just about recovered from the post-Gen Con lurgy in time for the latest edition of See Page XX. And what a Gen Con it was for us, with increased sales, more games running, and more ENnie award wins (three for us, and one for Ken and Robin) than ever before. And on Friday, we’re joining our Moon Design colleagues (see here for more details about the upcoming 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter) for our first outing to PAX Prime in Seattle – come and say hi at our booth in the Motif hotel level 3 (formerly the Red Lion). While this is good news for those of you looking to pick up shiny new releases, the downside is that there may be slight delays to our customer support while we’re on the road.

If you aren’t going to be at PAX or Gen Con, we’ve got some new goodies right here for you like the pre-order for Mythos Expeditions, a collection of ten stand-alone adventures for Trail of Cthulhu. Written by Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws, with contributions from an eclectic mix of mythos experts, this is a great way to inject a taste of the exotic into an existing campaign, or to play as part of the Armitage Files campaign setting in the core rules. There’s also  a new release over on Stone Skin Press, with the pre-order for Letters to Lovecraft, and KWAS subscribers will get the September edition, Hideous Creatures: Lloigor, this month; meanwhile, non-subscribers can now buy Xeno-archaeology! as a stand-alone product in the shop.

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6 Responses to “See Page XX – August 2014”

  1. I suppose I’d subscribe to a SPotM, but I’d much rather get them all in one book at the end of the year.

  2. Malex says:

    Any chance of a Gloranthan series pitch?

  3. Eden says:

    Great suggestion Tucker!

  4. Aravine says:

    Tags in with Tucker. I like getting them monthly, but a consolidated file with all 12 would be nice at the end of the year (and for purchase by those who didn’t subscribe).

  5. Morgan says:

    Agreed. A yearly volume of pitches available to non-subscribers, would be nice, especially if it was in print. I miss turning pages. ;)

  6. I would like both: the monthly subscription for the pdfs, and a collected, dead-tree volume at the end of the year for sale to all, subscriber or not, at discount for subscribers.

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