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The weather finally seems to have turned to Spring here at Pelgrane Towers, so let us bring some sunshine into your life with the latest edition of Page XX.

This month features the latest in Ken Hite’s Ken Writes About Stuff subscription series – entitled GUMSHOE Zoom: Martial Arts, this edition focuses on the Martial Arts mechanic and its applications and extensions. Kevin Kulp introduces brand-new GUMSHOE system players to General Abilities and Investigative Abilities, and ASH Law giving examples of the kind of cane your wizard could wield in 13th Age. As part of the 13th Age organized play program launch, we’ve got a feedback form available if you’d like to get involved, and continuing the theme, Wade Rockett explains how he uses aspects of 2nd edition Esoterrorists to enhance the mystery of his 13th Age game.

And rounding it off, the Page XX regulars – Simon’s View from the Pelgrane’s Nest, Kenneth Hite’s Call of Chicago and a word from Robin D. Laws – this month, giving invaluable advice on how to manage NPC-NPC conversations – as well as details of the latest Pelgrane games available for playtesting.

New Releases


  • View from the Pelgrane’s Nest by Simon Rogers, all you need to know about the inner workings of Pelgrane Press.
  • Talking at Yourself by Robin D. Laws, useful advice on how to manage conversations with multiple NPCs.
  • The Call of Chicago: Expediting, Ordering, Inquiring – a sneak peak at the upcoming Mythos Expeditions by Kenneth Hite
  • How to play GUMSHOE – Kevin Kulp explains General Abilities and Investigative Abilities for new players
  • May playtesting – various adventures for Trail of Cthulhu need playtesting, volunteer here.

13th Age

  • 13 canes  – 13 examples of the different canes your 13th Age wizard can wield, by ASH Law
  • Organized play program – if you’re interested in getting involved, fill in the form here
  • The Baddies Aren’t Taking A Break – Wade Rockett explains how elements of Esoterrorists 2nd Edition can be used to enhance your the secrets and conspiracies in your 13th Age game

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10 Responses to “See Page XX April/May 2013”

  1. Steve says:

    What made you decide to go with a single hardback for Eternal Lies? The poll from September gave me high hopes for a boxed set with extras.

    • from says:

      What Steve said. Single hardback wasn’t even one of the options in that poll. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the release.

      Also, Iain Banks spells his first name with two i:s. Scottish/gaelish, perhaps? I would *LOVE* to see a transhumanism/SF RPG in the Culture universe/setting, though it would have to be a well thought-through one – my expectations will be high!

    • Simon Rogers says:

      It was cost – I didn’t want to charge too much for it. We did look at all the options. We will probably do a limited edition with extras.

  2. Niclas says:

    By the way, while I might have voted “True Blood”, I actually tried to vote “Anita Blake – Vampire Hunter”

  3. Tommy Scott says:

    I would like to ask if we could have a better poll for this that allows people to choose their top 3 from the list. These kinds of polls are very misleading and don’t give a true picture of what people want. For example, although “The Culture” has the highest percentage of votes at 38%, it is still a minority. If everyone else that voted for something else, currently 62%, doesn’t want The Culture then you’d be picking something that the majority doesn’t want. Now, if you use a top 3 voting system and assign points in reverse such that a 1st place vote gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, and 3rd place gets 1 point, then you can get a better picture of what people would prefer. As an example of why the current poll is bad, take the extreme example where 100 people voted on a 100 possible items and 2 people agreed on one item and the other 98 each picked a different thing. You’d have 2% on one item and 1% on every other item except one. By this system, you would pick the 2% option when clearly 98% of the people want something else.

    I think the only time you get close to the right item is when the top item is a 2/3 majority. But even then, in a ranking system, something else could have ended up on top.

  4. from says:

    Tommy: My personal preference (which should be highly applicable in this case) is “approval voting” – each voter simply selects any number of options the voter would approve of, or in this case, buy. No percentages any longer, but instead how many customers would be interested in buying each potential product.

  5. Tommy Scott says:

    You’re right. I didn’t realize this poll was multiple choice with multiple selections possible. But it makes me wonder then what will become of this poll. If the highest result is 38% then it only shows that there isn’t much interest in any of these franchises. Sad. I would really like to see a good Star Trek or James Bond. I’d even be interested in working on either of those projects. CSI also sounds like a cool idea. I’m a huge mystery fan.

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