See Page XX: April 2011

This months See Page XX is full of articles on all different subjects. Last month we had a discernable (if, unintended) theme, this month we have an eclectic mix of all things Pelgrane. All the Justice Credits Can Buy is an extract from the beginning of Ashen Stars, now available to pre-pre-order.  Another extract, from the Apocalypse Machine, details three possible apocalypse-causing events, is a taster of the second installment of Graham Walmsley’s excellent Cthulhu Apocalypse series. If the SHOE Fits… is a comprehensive guide to constructing GUMSHOE scenarios in non-traditional settings by Amery Greville himself, Steve Dempsey. Robin D. Laws tells of Alternate Armitages, how you can make your own in-game artefacts for all different genres. Hacking Cthulhu Dark is an article from Graham Walmsley on how to play, and eventually hack, his new rules-light GUMSHOE-influenced system. When the Membrane Shatters is from Matthew Sanderson, author of the forthcoming Esoterrorist’s adventure The Love of Money, a campaign frame for what will happen if the Ordo Veritatis fail to stop the Esoterror cells.

And of course we have the traditional Page XX poll.

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8 Responses to “See Page XX: April 2011”

  1. Kalev Tait says:

    I’m must be way behind the times… I just can’t get into electronic books. Reading things on websites I don’t have a problem with, but as soon as it’s laid out like a book, but not a book (or even pure text like alot of the Kindle stuff), I just can’t get involved.

    This means I don’t buy PDFs and avoid reading them if I can (except for academic papers, for some reason I don’t mind those so much).

  2. greg says:

    As much as I like a nice hardback (and I love my Bookhounds artifacts), I like to scribble, make notes, highlight and otherwise abuse (both before and during play). Having a PDF I can annotate or a print out I can wreck without guilt is a great freedom for me!

  3. Charles says:

    This question’s tricky. If I’m just reading to learn the system or to go over something, having a physical copy is what I find best and the most comfortable. However, having a PDF on the laptop while running a game is handy.

    Now in case you are interested, I do have a Kindle and find it very easy on the eye. Where I can, I try to convert PDFs to Kindle format and upload them on the device to read. However, not all PDFs translate over very well. It just depends on how there were initially formatted.

  4. Randy says:

    Now if some one can figure out a viable way to bridge the gap between online and a LGS so we could still get the PDF with purchase of the hard copy that would be ideal for me.

  5. Daniele says:

    The more comfortable is the hardback book… the most frightful and more narrative situation that i prefer, ’cause with a laptop light in a dark room with only candles will ruin the atmosphere…

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