RPGs for Kids

I asked on twitter “Which is the best D&D-like RPG game for kids (8+)? I’m after a game which a twelve-year-old could read and learn, and an eye-year-old can play.

I got these suggestions:

JimWebster6Jim Webster @JimWebster6

With ‘kids’ at our club we found ‘Ghost Busters’ worked well with them running it on their own. Or the old ‘Starwars’


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  1. Castles and Crusades works for me and mine, as does the new Dr Who RPG (though it’s not very D&D-like). Looking forward to giving Legend a try once I’ve had a chance to print and bind the PDF.

    The old WEG Ghostbusters is a very simple system – makes Toon look complicated – a simplified version of d6 Star Wars that was also used for Men in Black.

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