Review of Shadows over Filmland

It’s in Swedish.  Here is a direct link, and here is Google’s plausible translation.

In short, the whole book a real pleasure to read. It combines in a really fun way the spirit of the classic horror films with Lovecraft’s Mythos, and raises the result to something new and exciting. All of the adventures may not be entirely original, or without any problems, but they have a very high minimum level and they are all really fun and inspiring. Shadows Over Filmland is arguably one of the year’s best role-playing game supplements, and most of the adventures are of excellent quality.

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  1. Alf Joakim Persson says:

    Living in sweden and a subscriber of the gamemagazin FENIX I can tell you that in it´s latest printed issue ther where severall reviews of GUMSHOE publications, mostley ToC. They all rated up to 16-20 points in the two evaluation factors; impression and content. This means that almost all of them scored high points to maximum (20). Thes products get´s the FENIX seal of aproval, FENIX RECOMEND.

    ..So, from sweden; Congratulation! ;)

  2. Petter B says:

    And Armitage Files got 20/20, which does not happen very often. Out of the more than 100 reviews that has been published in FENIX through the years, only Mouse Guard RPG has reached the same grade. Congratulations!

    As Mr. Persson said, also other GUMSHOE publications were reviewed recently, with very good grades. FENIX is the only national RPG magazine we have. It´s distributed nationaly in the biggest magazine stores (called Pressbyrån).

    • Simon Rogers says:

      If only there were enough interest for a Swedish translation!

      • Petter B says:

        I think there is. I guess RPG:s are still relatively big over here (our game stores are bigger than the small and not very impressive stores I saw in New York). A modest and perhaps more realistic solution could be to publish something (an adventure or a campaign frame) in FENIX (which is in Swedish only). Perhaps a translation of some of your PDF adventures? Or something completely new (like a mythos adventure based in Stockholm)?

  3. Alf Joakim Persson says:

    About translation to swedish…

    I do think the idea by “Petter B” is a good one, translating or writing a new story for FENIX centerfold.

    Translating the work otherwise?.. I dont see much point in that. Part because most swede´s has english as a second laguages and part it´s a dying laguages after all. ;)

    ..But I would put the swedish story in Gothenburg, it´s conected to the northsea/atlatic and much moore in the spirit of a “seaport city”, to the liking of the great one.

    ..Allso it´s much moore liked among most swede´s ;)

    ..It even has a cargoo company named; DAGON, shall try to get a photo of it for you. ;)

    ..If I get the time I will try to work some story out for you, that you might think worthy to publish in FENIX.

    ..Or if you got some shortstory I could translate?

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