Review of Repairer of Reputations

Dan Harms continues his series of reviews of Trail books with this one of Repairer of Reputations.

…a great one-shot for Trail players looking to try something different, and it does an excellent job of adapting and presenting Chambers’ version of the Twenties into a setting that future roleplayers can explore.

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Review of Repairer of Reputations

A review of Repairer of Reputations on by kafka (9/10)

…it is one of the best Trail of Cthulhu adventures written to date. Laws has done an admirable job at adapting the story and making a fine adventure.

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  1. Lisa Padol says:

    Just read it yesterday. I love the set up. If this had been out a year ago, I would have found a way to insert it into the Tatters of the King game I ran.

    I have a couple of quibbles about minor diversions from the story, which is a matter of taste and interpretation only.

    The only actual complaint I have is pretty much the one the reviewer made. There should be more! We’re told outright that the whole world is just off. I love that. I love that this entire world exists because of the play. I love that the play is that deadly, not a mere minor work in the mythos cannon.

    But, how does the fact that the entire world is off factor into the scenario, particularly when it comes to the ending? This is something I wish had been covered, and I hope that there will be further adventures set in this world.

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