Mutant City Blues Resources

Second edition resources


The Quade Diagram

A more printer-friendly version of the Quade diagram

Character sheet for MCB

A form-fillable character sheet for MCB

The Stress Cards

This chapter from MCB describes the role of the PCs and gives some background to the game.

A very useful Reference Sheet for UK players, also one for US players (thanks to Charles Gordon Mitchell for these).

Articles and Interviews

Watch Cat Tobin’s Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition preview video here.

TV goes MCB

Ripped from the headlines – Rights Holders

Ripped from the headlines – The Powers Cup

Mutant City Banter

Interview with Dr Quade

Leading the scientific charge is the mediagenic, indefatigable Dr. Lucius Quade. He coined the term for the scientific study of mutant genes and abilities, anamorphology, and is routinely called on to weigh in on any social or political controversy surrounding mutant rights.

Read an interview with Dr Quade here, on See Page XX

The Trouble with Tasers

Robin Laws discusses the use of Tasers in GUMSHOE games here.


First edition resources

Actual Play

Code Indigo Fred Hicks ran an online game of MCB. You can read and comment on it the Code Indigo community here.

Johnny Shakalakah Our in-house playtest for Mutant City Blues.


A review of Mutant City Blues from

A review of Mutant City Blues from Flames Rising.

9 Responses to “Mutant City Blues Resources”

  1. Möller says:

    It appears as if you’ve left out the Academic investigative skill Linguistics from the character sheet.

  2. Niclas Matikainen says:

    I just noticed that the link to the printer-friendly version of the Quade Diagram leads to a very ordinary, non printer-friendly, version of said diagram.

    In fact, it would appear that the printer-friendly version has vanished from the internet completly. There’s a link to it in a very old update, but the link is dead…

  3. Pedro says:

    A couple things on the links for MCB. The link to the Quade Diagram gives a 404. The character sheet is the 1st edition sheet. Any chance you can get the 2nd edition sheet uploaded? Same for the 2nd edition Quade Diagram. Thanks.

  4. Vic says:

    The character sheets both have some formatting anomalies (squished or bolded letters mostly) and say Compose instead of Composure (everyone’s a bard!).
    The latter is true of the sheet in the book, though it looks great.

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Vic. The formatting anomalies appear to be an effect of extracting the character sheet from the full PDF. This looks fine when first extracted, but then the anomalies creep in. I will pass on the compose/composure errata. Thanks, Becky.

  5. Craig Neumeier says:

    p. 13 of the 2nd edition, “There’s a fuller list of changes on the Pelgrane Press website.”

    Is there? It ought to be on this page, and I’m not seeing it.

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