Earth is a ruin. Inscrutable alien machines wander the planet, looting the Earth’s body

Humanity dwells in the ruins, having almost no knowledge of how the planet went from its former heights to this sorry low The law consists of a rare few who struggle to hold some semblance of civilization together with words, with guns, with wisdom, with compassion, with cunning.

Want the food those vagabonds stole from your camp? Follow the trail.

Want to avenge the murder of your bodyguards at a local refuge? Find the killers.

Want clean water? Want batteries you can use in trade? Want to know where they took your wife? Want to know what the aliens look like inside those metal suits? Want to know what the hell happened to Planet Earth? Investigate.

Razed is a post-apocalyptic GUMSHOE game in which investigation is the key to survival.

By Will Hindmarch. Status: Design.

Read the Designer’s Development Blog.

12 Responses to “Razed”

  1. Marty says:

    Waiting with baited breath for this one!

    • Lucero says:

      With reragd to encounter balance, I believe that Savage Worlds encounters can be eyeballed much better than a D20/OGL encounter can. The bennie economy doesn’t really have an equivalent in OGL (action points are similar but bennies take you farther), and their flow back and forth across the table can have a huge impact on the outcome of any encounter.Still, if you’re looking for some guidelines in designing encounters that provide a fair expectation of easy, balanced, difficult, etc., check out

  2. […] after I mentioned it on Twitter, but I’m writing a new GUMSHOE-System RPG for Pelgrane Press: Razed. Earth is a ruin. Inscrutable alien machines wander the planet, looting the Earth’s body. […]

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  4. Reverance Pavane says:

    Finally! I can run my Cleopatra 2525 campaign!

  5. […] experiencing the same issues now and again in my playtests for Razed, in which I find myself trying to mix up the storytelling tricks and tactics from story to story, […]

  6. Randy says:

    Is this project still moving forward?

  7. RAZED continues to cruise through its latest development cycle. I just played a few games of it at Gen Con and my at-home playtest is about to enter its third act, I think.

    Check in on new design diaries via the RAZED category on my site, until we enter out-of-house playtesting. Soon.

  8. William says:

    Is _Razed_ is not dead but eternally lying?

    Just wondering about the status of this project…



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