Playtest Feedback From Eternal Lies

The Eternal Lies playtest is going well. It appears from the following comment that more Pelgrane freelancers have good reason to be slightly smug.:

I’ve just finished reading the entire campaign. To say that I’m speechless would be quite an understatement. From what I’ve learnt beforehand about Eternal Lies, I suspected it would be some kind of Masks of Nyarlathotep thingie TOC style. The funny thing is that I’ve already gmed a personal version of the classic Chaosium campaign based on roughly the same premises that Eternal Lies: the players were to discover what happened 5 years ago to their former characters (the first campaign ended just after the NY chapter because two of my players moved away).

But not even in my wildest dreams would have I imagined such a masterpiece. This is total epic madness. This is  Masks of Nyarlathotep meet Tatters of the King meet Beyond the Mountains of Madness. This is by far the best campaign ever written for a RPG. This is going to be a blast !

I dont know how much efforts and time have been put into this work, but, I really want to thanks everone involved in it. When you read something this good, this captivating, it really makes you proud being a member of the RPG community.

Needless to say, I’ve already told my players to get ready for something really special.

PS: one first suggestion: some of the major NPCs should be more fleshed out (the way they are for instance in “The Big Hoodoo”). Oh and the music is fantastic !

5 Responses to “Playtest Feedback From Eternal Lies”

  1. Ralf Schemmann says:

    Congrats on that enthusiastic feedback, I wish I’d have had the time to join the playtest.

  2. Lance Goodale says:

    Wow sounds like a day one buy for me based on this feedback. Keep them coming Pelgrane.

  3. Niclas says:

    Excactly! Can’t wait for the chance to pre-order, even… :P

  4. Tigger MK4 says:

    Having playtested the first act (and having seen acts 2 and 3) I can confirm its excellent.

    It’ll definitely be a worthwhile addition to any GMs cthulhu library. Can’t wait to see it in print with the finished artwork.

  5. WiseWolf says:

    I cannot agree more with this review. I can’t believe the level of intensity and horror that I had been able to provide to my players with an product that still has not been released. This feels so contemporary, even if it is in the 30s, it feels fresh, the story is superb thanks to the great writing, I can’t wait to have this in my hands, and this time, I will get that limited edition, whatever it takes (mad laughing goes here)

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