Pelgrane Press is Virtual

by Noah Lloyd

Just because you’re physically distancing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be social, and what better way to stay social than by finding ways to play some of your favorite games? Pelgrane Press is on all the major virtual tabletops – and then some! I’ve collated some of our products, specially designed for your internet-based play, below:


Roll20 is the virtual tabletop with the largest userbase out there at the moment, with both free and premium account options. Roll20 has official character sheets for both GUMSHOE (optimized for Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents) and 13th Age. Additionally, we’ve got three modules for 13th Age all available for download on Roll20 right now, one of which is absolutely free, and the other two of which have 20% off until September:

In the coming days we’ll also be releasing a free Trail of Cthulhu scenario, “Midnight Sub Rosa,” which was originally collected in Out of the Woods. Watch our twitter (and this space!) for when it goes live.

And, if you didn’t know, you can also grab the Hillfolk Card Deck as an add on in Roll20, which will add some inspiration to your Hillfolk and DramaSystem games.

Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is a premium-only service that offers expanded virtual tabletop services. We’ve got two officially licensed 13th Age products available for all you Fantasy Grounders:

We’re working on building more modules on this VTT, so if you’re a Fantasy Grounds developer, let us know!

Astral Tabletop

Astral Tabletop is a newcomer in VTT-land, but that doesn’t mean that their services aren’t top-notch and unique – and, they’ve made all their paid services free through the end of May. They have a particularly robust dice rolling syntax that they’re consistently expanding, and I was impressed by their animated maps (though this can be tough on folks with poor internet connections).

I have been hard at work making official character sheets for use with your Pelgrane games; while these, unfortunately, aren’t quite ready as of this See Page XX, they should be ready very soon. We’ll be providing templates for 13th Age, Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents, TimeWatch, and (drumroll) the Yellow King RPG. What other Pelgrane games would you like to see support for? Help me prioritize!

That said, don’t think that just because our official sheets aren’t quite ready yet, that you can’t get a lot out of Astral. I encourage you to play through their tutorial, see what it has to offer, and get a group together!

And don’t be dissuaded by my failure to finish the character sheets! There are plenty of other ways to play online.

Discord, Slack, and Zoom

If you aren’t interested in specially designed virtual tabletops for your roleplaying games, don’t overlook the ease and usefulness of simplified chat and networking applications like Discord, Slack, and Zoom. Games like Trail of Cthulhu and Night’s Black Agents (indeed, all our GUMSHOE games) don’t usually need maps for their scenarios, and they’re well-suited to playing in the “theater of the mind.” However, Slack’s free version only supports two-person video calls (perfect for a One-2-One game!), and Zoom’s free version restricts calls to 40 minutes. For those reasons, my personal favorite app to roleplay on is Discord, which supports multi-person video calls, simple voice channels folks can jump in and out of, and the creation of dedicated servers for each of your games, if that’s how you want to roll.

(When you sign up for Discord, they provide you with your own private server, and there are bots you can add which will even serve as simple dice rollers! I really like Sidekick, who I’ve happily nicknamed “Roll Buddy.”)

Speaking of which, did you know that we have a Discord server? If you’ve got a Discord account set up, you can find us here:

On our Discord you’ll find two channels that are particularly relevant to this discussion. If you’re a GM and you want to find some folks to fill those slots in a Nights Black Agents roster, go ahead and post in “looking for players.” Similarly, if you want to find a game to join, you can either post in “looking for games” or keep an eye out in “looking for players” the next time a GM puts out a suitable invite.

If you’re not gaming but still want to talk about all things Pelgrane, we’ve got dedicated channels in the Discord for each of our game systems, and we’d love it if you came to say hello.

If Discord, Slack, or Zoom are more your speed than an official VTT, remember that you can find hundreds of digital products—adventures, core rulebooks, supplements, even music—over on the Pelgrane webstore.

17 Responses to “Pelgrane Press is Virtual”

  1. CJ says:

    13 True Ways has a community build on FGU too by permission of Pelgrane. I could probably find the time to create Bestiary 2 for you if needed. I am always happy to teach people how to use Fantasy Grounds Unity, though six weeks ago I was a beginner myself! ;)

    The 13th Age products are good though expensive, but i guess I will get a lot of use out of them and Phil and I have both bought them. It is difficult for any program to deal with the fast and loose style of 13th Age though.

    Roll20 has the advantage of being free and pretty easy to learn. However for long term play i personally would go Fantasy Grounds Unity. :)

  2. Wil Logsdon says:

    There is a neat injury/ shock card bot that works just like sidekick, the creator posted it in the Pelgrane Discord server. An example: type /give @playername paris_injury slashed throat And voila! The bot with post the jpeg of that card on the channel you typed it into! You can use different commands to discard or display all the cards a player has.

    • Noah Lloyd says:

      That’s excellent, Wil! I wasn’t aware of this bot at all! Somehow missed it in the Discord. I will definitely be checking it out and will try to signal-boost.

  3. damned says:

    I created Trail of Cthulhu, Esoterrorists and Gumshoe rulesets on Fantasy Grounds. Ive always enjoyed Trail of Cthulhu and am playing in an Esoterrorists campaign that is up to about session 40.

    Am happy to chat…

    • Noah Lloyd says:

      I must say that I am not very experienced when it comes to Fantasy Grounds, and I will have to check out the rulesets you’ve made! Please feel free to drop me a line at, would love to hear both how the campaign is going and your experience building content on the platform.

  4. Hector Trelane says:

    There are multiple community “unofficial” GUMSHOE rulesets on Fantasy Grounds that I and others use. These developers would be the logical ones to contact re: a potential officially licensed ruleset. There is potential to create a base GUMSHOE ruleset that then layers on extensions for each different version.

    • Noah Lloyd says:

      Considering responses to this post so far, I’d say that getting official Fantasy Grounds rulesets going would be a great idea for us to pursue (and I think we’ve even got one of those “unofficial” creators in the comments already). Which games would you want to see support for first?

      The ability to have a base GUMSHOE set with “layers and extensions” sounds intriguing; I shall continue my investigation!

  5. Jackson says:

    Any update yet on the Astral sheets? The Campaign Coins house game has been running an Acq Inc 5e campaign on it for the last few months, and I’m really digging it. Would be great to bring our 13th Age games to it next.

    The 13th Age ruleset on Fantasy Grounds definitely needs some TLC, in the form of bugfixes and streamlining some features. I’d love to buy official 13 True Ways and Bestiary 2 modules too!

    • Noah Lloyd says:

      Hey Jackson,

      The Astral GUMSHOE sheets should be up pretty soon, with the 13th Age sheet following shortly behind.

      And it has certainly seemed like Fantasy Grounds is popular among our userbase, so I’m hopeful that I can get more of our projects uploaded there!

  6. LaMorte says:

    The user @JacksonH on Astral Tabletop has just made his 13th Age character sheet available for review. Hopefully we’ll see publisher acceptance of this sheet in the near future.

  7. Eldersigh says:

    Hey, I would like to request that you guys take a look at supporting Foundry VTT: It’s certainly a newcomer, but imho there’s not a better VTT on the market. There’s a thriving community supporting it already, and it would make a great option for Pelgrane games.

    • Noah Lloyd says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback! We are definitely looking at supporting Foundry. Now that we’re past GenCon, I hope to be able to put more work into supporting as many VTTs as possible.

      • Cesare says:

        We are all looking forward to having the GUMSHOE system especially TOC on FVTT. It’s a really nice VTT, easier and more friendly to players(directly play on the web page).

        • Noah Lloyd says:

          Thanks, Cesare! We’re working on it as time allows!

          • Eugene says:

            Anything on the horizon for ToC on FVTT?

          • Noah Lloyd says:

            Hi Eugene,

            We’d love to get all our systems covered on FVTT someday, but unfortunately at the moment it’s a bit on the backburner. So it’s in the cards, certainly, but it might be awhile.

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