Pelgrane Press at the ENnies 2012

The ENnies are arguably the most important awards in the RPG calendar, the Oscars of RPGs, if you will. This year the ceremony took place in a suitably grand locale, the Grand Hall in Union Station.

Pelgrane Press picked up 4 awards, two Silvers and two Golds, our first Golds ever.


Best Rules: Lorefinder

Best Setting: Ashen Stars


Best Electronic Book: Cthulhu Apocalypse – The Apocalypse Machine

Best Writing: The Investigators Guide to Occult London

And here is a picture of a very happy Paula Dempsey collecting her Best Writing Award with Steve Dempsey and Kenneth Hite who also contributed to The Investigators Guide.

Thank you to all who voted for our books!

2 Responses to “Pelgrane Press at the ENnies 2012”

  1. Lance says:

    Congrats on your wins Pelgrane Press.

  2. Mulciber says:

    Excellent, well deserved.

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