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Like a burnt but still alarmingly competent spy with the whiff of vampire in her nostrils, convention season has crept up on us once more. Last year was our most successful yet, with Pelgrane games on the rise at a number of conventions around the world. More than forty Pelgrane GMs joined Simon and me at Pelgame HQ on the Wednesday night of Gen Con, to have Jonathan Tweet throw t-shirts at them, and get GMing advice from top Pelgrane writers Robin, Ken, Gareth, and Kevin.

2016 is very special for us. Our little GUMSHOE is all grown up, and celebrating its tenth anniversary. We’re planning to release three new core books this year – the second edition of Fear Itself; TimeWatch; and GUMSHOE One-2-One. These new launches will help make it a year to remember, but we need your help to celebrate!

You may have spotted Trail of Cthulhu right up near the top of Gen Con’s Highest Demand Games of 2015, and Night’s Black Agents also flying high. This means a lot of gamers wanted to play these at Gen Con, but there weren’t enough spaces (even though we had a record 745 spaces available in our games). Gen Con have asked us to increase the number of games we run this year, and we need you to GM them! Wade “Mission Control” Rockett has already flagged up our need for 13th Age GMs, and to celebrate the tenth anniversary, we’d love to get as many GUMSHOE games running at conventions around the world as we can.

So, sign up to be a Pelgrane convention GM, and get t-shirts, free stuff, store discounts, insider gossip, convention entry, personalised GMing advice from our top writers, and much, much more (warning: the much, much more may come flying at you from across a room). Fill in this Google form to become part of our esteemed and not very injured GM team!


7 Responses to “Pelgrane needs YOU!”

  1. Noel W. says:

    I’d love to do it, but I’m not currently planning on going to GenCon. Is it still possible to apply? I’d be willing to change plans if I was able to get discounts and convention entry and so on.

    • Cat Tobin says:

      We’re looking for GMs for all conventions, not just Gen Con – please fill in the form and we’ll be in touch.

  2. Matthew Muth says:

    Happt to sign up to run some games at GenCon this year.

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Thanks Matthew! It’ll be great to have you back – can you fill in the Google form above, so I’ve got everyone’s details in the same place?

  3. Dan Marriott says:

    Happy to run a game at Compulsion, Indiecon or Dragonmeet

  4. Charles Picard says:

    Application in

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