Pelgrane GMs Needed for Gen Con 2017

The Heavy Metal GM teaches Cat and Simon the Way of Metal at Gen Con 2016.

Sean the Heavy Metal GM teaches Cat and Simon the Way of Metal at Gen Con 2016.

We’re still looking for GMs to run our games at Gen Con 2017!

If you’re interested in joining the GM crew at Gen Con, please email us at with the following info:

  1. Your name and, if you have one, a nickname, alias, or online handle that gamers might know you by (e.g. cthulhuchick, Heavy Metal GM)
  2. Your convention-registered email address (if different from the email you’re using to contact us)
  3. Your t-shirt size
  4. Number of 2-hour games you can run (13th Age only)
  5. Number of 4-hour games you can run
  6. Preferred days and times for your games to run, using this format:
    • 13th Age Thursday 17th August 16:00-18:00 EST
    • Small Things (Seven Wonders) Friday 18th August 09:00-13:00 EST
    • Secret of Warlock Mountain (DramaSystem)  Saturday 19th August 14:00-18:00 EST
    • Whether you would like to run a Pelgrane-provided adventure, or one of your own

GMs will get our new 2017 t-shirts, meet up with our game creators, and receive special Pelgrane swag! Here are the adventures available for each system:

Join our Gen Con team now!

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  1. Michael Lawrence says:

    I ran some games last year at Gencon and would be glad to do some more 13th Age games. I cannot commit to times until event sign up is done and I see what time my group gets the games we want to play.

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