Pelgrane Call for Artists

Here at Pelgrane Towers our production has been ramped up significantly in the last year or two so our stable of very talented artists are becoming overworked. We are in need of fresh meat. I get a lot of emails from artists offering their portfolio and services who clearly haven’t looked at our books to see what kind of style and subject matter we’re after. So I thought I would make it a bit clearer.

We publish predominantly horror titles so we’re looking for horror themed art. We also prefer photo-realistic images.

If you believe your artwork fits our style then please email me with a link to your portfolio and an indication of your rates. If you’ve previously emailed but I haven’t got back to you then I apologise, please send again.

Here is a selection of our artists and their work –

Jerome Huguenin – Trail of Cthulhu: The Rending Box














Phil Reeves – Night’s Black Agents














Alessandro Alaia – Cthulhu Apocalypse

Mi-go_final small









Phil Reeves – Esoterrorists






















5 Responses to “Pelgrane Call for Artists”

  1. hi i tend to draw darker stuff so perhaps i might fit. i went to contacts btu wasnt sure where to email so i can just put it all here. i dont mind anyone seeing my rates as they are quite low

    PRICES: (prices deals can be made for bulk or unique size requests)

    4×6 (Postcard size): $10 USD
    6×10(A5 size) $15 USD
    8x11Notebook size) $30 USD

    4×6 (Postcard size): $15 USD
    6×10(A5 size) $25 USD
    8x11Notebook size) $55 USD

    8×11 Maps in Black and White: $20 USD
    4×6 Character illustration in Black and White $8 USD
    4×6 Character Painting in Color $15 USD
    6×10 Adventure Event Scene in B and W $30 USD
    6×10 Adventure Event Scene in Color $45 USD

  2. Beth Lewis says:

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for this. Could you email a link to your portfolio to me at – beth (at)


  3. Steve Moss says:

    Ian Miller would be perfect for ToC.

  4. Melissa Gay says:

    Hi there!

    Melissa Gay here, is where my online portfolio can be found. I LOVE Pelgrane Press and your top-quality horror art, and I would be thrilled to work with you guys someday! I am currently booked through March, but am always looking for new work with diverse companies.

    You will see a lot of fantasy art in my portfolio, with the odd sci-fi or horror piece, but I am always looking to branch out and I believe my current ADs can vouch that I am up to the stylistic challenges they have set for me! :) I have mainly been published for black and white line art, sci-fi and fantasy paintings, and computer-colored art for publishers like Third Eye Games (Part-Time Gods, Mermaid Adventures) and Evil Hat (Dresden Files RPG and others), plus HERO 6th edition and others as part of both Fred Hicks’s and Eloy Lasanta’s go-to artist stable.

    I charge $100 per page ($25 per quarter) for finished artwork and $300 for a cover.

    Thanks and best regards!
    Melissa Gay

  5. imworlds says:

    Hello Beth,

    Are you guys still looking for artists?

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