Pelgrane’s PDF download guarantee

If you order PDFs from our store, we want you to be able to redownload your order without worrying about hard drive failures or new computers.

So, all PDFs purchased from Pelgrane will be available for redownload for at least ten years from purchase, although it’s our intention for this to continue indefinitely. To redownload, search for your original order and click the link to redownload; otherwise email us and we’ll set you up. Soon we’ll have a more automated way of resending all download links to you. This includes physical products – we always include both,.

If you’ve bought a physical version of our product from a bricks and mortar retail store, which is a member of the Bits and Mortar program. If they are not, and they won’t join, contact us and we should be able to help. Amazon and similar outlets are marginal; we’ll give you PDFs for your first Amazon order, but thereafter, probably not.

15 Responses to “Pelgrane’s PDF download guarantee”

  1. Nook Harper says:

    Hi. I’ve bought ToC, Esoterrorists and Fear Itself from Amazon UK. Does this excellent offer apply to these orders?

  2. Greg says:

    This is great thinking folks! And indicative of the superior levels of customer service that Pelgrane has provided. Keep it up :))

  3. Steve Moss says:

    Excellent customer service.

    If the order number or email included the pdf title, it would help with searching the emails

  4. Sid Wood says:

    A ‘my account’ section would be appreciated complete with order history including the ability to download previously purchased pdfs.

  5. Garry G says:

    My main computer died the other week and this came in so handy for getting stuff onto my notebook.

    Simon’s also very cool about letting you have the first PDF if you bought it from Amazon and I’ve found Pelgrane to be great at getting your order sent to promptly when you order direct.

    If they would give me a PDF index for The Armitage Files they’d be the perfect company.

  6. Krisz says:

    I’ve talked to my local retailer here in Cologne, Germany, and he now joined “Bits and Mortar”. I did so in hope to get now the PDF for ToC and the Armitage Files, which I bought in his shop last year. But what do I have to do to get them?

  7. J B Bell says:

    I’ve just bought Trail of Cthulhu and didn’t realize you do the Bits and Mortar thing. It does not appear the retailer is a part of the program, but I think they might be amenable to it. What do I do to get them signed up, or to encourage them?

  8. Ilan Muskat says:

    Hi! I’ve just purchased a physical copy of Night’s Black Agents, and the store wasn’t able to find it on the Bits and Mortar site. This was 401 Games in Toronto.

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