Download the PDF of the Species Cheat Sheet, a resource that tells you everything you need to know to play that race.

Download the PDF of the Abilities Tables, a quick-reference guide for Investigative and General abilities, with page numbers and a brief summary of each ability.

There is a review of Ashen Stars over on Flames Rising by Todd Cash. It’s a positive review giving 4 out of 5 stars.

There are not many sci-fi settings that I like; however, this is a damn good setting. Law populates Ashen Stars with interesting alien races, an excellent back-story, and tons of ideas to get players started.



DieHard Game Fan offers this in-depth review of Ashen Stars from a reviewer who is not keen on the GUMSHOE system’s resource management.

Ashen Stars breaks new ground in that genre with its narrow focus on mysteries and problem solving. GUMSHOE fans and those looking for a new sci-fi setting with an emphasis on drama over technical details will get the most out of this game.

Blank Ashen Stars character sheets, tables and charts are now available from the Resources section of the website. We’ve also added the Ashen Stars 15 minute demo by Kevin Kulp, which includes six pregens you could use to kick off a game quickly.





GM Screen

Pistacchio has designed a lovely Ashen Stars GM screen – you can download it from here:

Quick Start Adventure

Download Stowaway – the Ashen Stars 30-minute demo. Includes pregenerated characters.

If you want to introduce your players to Ashen Stars, it’s much easier to get them into it if it just takes up 20 minutes of their valuable time at the beginning or end of a session.  It’s also a great convention demo.

Listen to Kevin Kulp run the Stowaway quick start demo for Ashen Stars:

Download here.

Thanks to the players: Tim Crosby, Chris O’Gahan, Leah Shuldiner




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  • A review of Dead Rock Seven (a collection of four adventures for Ashen Stars) from Reviews From R’lyeh

Ashen Stars is now available to buy and download from RPGNow. Go get your copy!

Stowaway is a 20-minute demo for Ashen Stars from ENnie Award presenter and all around nice guy, Kevin Kulp. This demo premiered at GenCon to rave reviews. It’s a great introduction to Ashen Stars and includes six pre-gens, and you can try it at the beginning or end of a session when you have another game planned.

You can download the PDF here.
You can listen to a recording of the actual play of this demo here:

And if you’d prefer to download the actual play, you can do that here.


All the Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery editions have gone out. Here are the last few:

The limited edition is awaiting these tokens, which we should have by the end of the month. Other limited editions are available through the Game Preview Event in selected stores.


Bet you wish your limited edition was hot like mine.


James Semple and Yaiza Varona present the Ashen Stars theme.

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