October playtesting

Dice imageIf you are interested any of these games, please email us with the game you wish to playtest in the subject line.



Title: Unquiet Waters

System: GUMSHOE One-2-One

Author: Ruth Tillman

Deadline for playtest feedback: 30th November

Number of sessions: 1-2


It started like an ordinary assignment–cover a confrontation between scabs and union workers. Yet as Viv uncovers details of the union’s work stoppage and the strange behavior of the scabs, she discovers something far more sinister lurking beneath the streets of Queens


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  1. chris says:

    I’m curious how the playtesting works – I’ve emailed about being interested for the past three or four calls for playtesters, but never heard anything back. Are there very limited spots that all get taken, or are the spots just for people who are regular posters here or something?

    I’m not complaining, just curious. I’m really excited about the gumshoe one-2-one system, just wondering if there’s any way to actually help out with the scenarios.

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