Night’s Black Agents – The [REDACTED] Edition

The REDACTED Edition is no longer available but the standard Edition, which does not include the extras below, is now available to buy in the store.

The Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery edition was a great success – enabling us to do a full colour offset print run, and ensuring we could make the final book attractive and reasonably priced. We want to do the same for Night’s Black Agents. It’s about the same length as Ashen Stars, and will be full colour. The price is $45.95 / £29.95

If you purchase the Night’s Black Agent’s REDACTED edition, you get:

  • [NEW] Now includes the epub version for use with mobile readers.
  • [NEW] All copies will be signed by Kenneth Hite
  • The post-playtest draft in rough layout, ready to play now
  • Extras including cheat sheets and other resources
  • The first adventure from The Zalozhniy Quartet – Gareth Hanrahan’s and Ken Hite’s campaign for Night’s Black Agents, in January
  • The final PDF when it’s ready
  • Your  name in the credits
  • The final printed version
  • First refusal on the Limited Edition (though not an upgrade)

We expect the final printed version to be out in August, but we can’t guarantee it.

Reviews of the pre-order version.

Listen to Ken Hite talk about Night’s Black Agents on the Fear the Boot podcast


Lowell Francis has written a review of the Night’s Black Agents

This is my new favorite GUMSHOE game and one of the best espionage game sourcebooks I’ve read.

Our first review of Night’s Black Agents, by Rick Neal.

If you like scary vampires, if you like espionage games, if you’re looking for a dark, modern game of horror investigation, I heartily recommend you pick up this book


53 Responses to “Night’s Black Agents – The [REDACTED] Edition”

  1. from says:

    The regular/”redacted”(?) edition, will it be similar to the regular Ashen Stars book? In particular the Smythe stitching appealed to me and would make me very interested in having a copy of the “regular” book as well as the limited edition.

    I assume “REDACTED” is a naming exercise similar to “Stellar Nursery”, i.e. the “regular” edition with some preorder bonuses?

  2. Stuart Bonham says:

    I’ll be pre-ordering as soon as I get paid; I hope the offer is still open during the 1st week of December?

  3. Stuntlau Perez says:


  4. Gary Moore says:

    I have chills. Been waiting for this as Im a massive gumshoe fan. I get paid at the end of the month so I guess I know where that payraise I got is going lol.

  5. Rob says:

    Hi Simon I just ordered the game, when does the offer for the special edition go out? I 100% want the special edition and Im not sure if I missed it?

  6. Fredrik says:

    I dont understand, what is the difference between the Redacted edition and the limited edition? Whats the meaning of “first refusal of limited edition”?

  7. Martin Ralya says:

    Simon, I want to make sure I understand the limited edition thing. This is how I think it works: I preorder NBA now for $45, and part of the deal is that I get first crack at a higher-priced limited edition. Right?

    If so, is there just an upgrade/invoice thing for the difference between $45 and the cost of the LE?

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  9. James Pacheco says:

    I’d like to pre-order, but I’m going to be moving across the country (pretty much literally) very soon, and I don’t yet know what my address there will be… Is that going to be a problem?

  10. Simon Brunning says:

    How long will this be available for? I’ve been made to promise that I won’t buy anything from my wich-list before Christmas. :-)

  11. Hawke says:

    Simon, you mentioned that this release *might* be the first that would see an e-reader release. Any updates on the plans for a Kindle release? I’d really love to pick this up as I was so happy with Stellar Nursery, but it’s less enticing if I end up purchasing a Kindle version with full release.

    In any event, thanks for doing some nice things with pre-order releases, I haven’t seen a better deal for early adopters.

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  13. Andrew McD says:

    Daft question does that include those that bought a copy at Dragonmeet?

  14. K. says:

    I assume it’s too late to order at this point?

  15. Selenio says:

    If I have it right… the only difference between the Redacted Edition and the Limited Edition is the leather-bound of the LE?

    I mean… both editions are hard-bound and full color?

    I’m asking it because I want a hard book and full color copy if possible, but the leather thing is not important for me, so… Is the Redacted Edition enough for what I want?


  16. Selenio says:

    Thank you very much for your answer, but your comment about the additional material for the Limited Edition makes me doubt about which one to choose…

    When will we fans know about the final additional content of that Limited Edition?

    In the meantime I’ll have to think a little bit more about which one to buy. Thank you anyway.


  17. Stuntlau Perez says:

    How close are we to full funding?

  18. J Gregory says:

    Picked this up a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it.

    How far away is the first Zalozhniy Sanction adventure?

  19. Stephen Marsh says:

    Found a typo. page 136, second paragraph under the heading “Strength”. the space is in the wrong place.
    Reads as: see hand-to-hand p. 30for the effect of basic

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  22. American says:

    Thank you for this post, I am sure I will come way feeling better as I hope you are today.

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  24. WiseWolf says:

    Simon, what will the limited edition include? (Other than the book and the extra adventure)

    • WiseWolf says:

      I am thinking on the lines of the release of Bookhunds, that included ephemera and the bag and so forth, I was wondering if you are planning to release something like this for N’BA.

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  27. 2d6 Cents says:

    […] played in John Adamus‘s Assassin’s Creed hack of Night’s Black Agents (Night’s Black Assassins), which was fantastic and fun and highly lethal. I got to play […]

  28. Mulciber says:

    Is there a shipping date for the U.K.? Finding it hard to contain my excitement!

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