Night’s Black Agents: Share Your Soundtrack


Scene from The Third ManShare a link to your online playlist for Night’s Black Agents (or just your suggestions) on Twitter with the hashtag #nightsblackagents — or leave a comment below — and we’ll pass it along. We can always use more cool spy music in our lives. And if you listen to cool spy music and haven’t ordered the [REDACTED] Edition yet, for heaven’s sake fix that right away.

In a spy thriller, sometimes it’s the music that makes it all work.

The 1996 movie Mission: Impossible is a good example. In one scene, Ethan Hunt’s team discovers that they’re going to have to steal something they need from a secure room in CIA Headquarters . The scene instantly shifts to Langley, Virginia and the famous theme song blasts on the soundtrack, letting us know that we’re about to see the Impossible Missions Force swing into action.

Music can also be a great mood-setter for role-playing games. Groups playing Night’s Black Agents have no shortage of evocative music that can take them from ominous to ass-kicking and back again. Here are a couple of online playlists for your enjoyment:

Mathey’s Night’s Black Agents mix on combines music from spy movies such as The Ipcress File, Ronin and Léon: The Professional with indie rock to pulse-pounding effect.

When I took a break from promoting 13th Age and started reading The [REDACTED] Edition, I assembled a Night’s Black Agents Spotify playlist to conjure the high-tech menace of the intelligence underworld, with music from the soundtracks of Taken, Spy Game and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy.

What’s your soundtrack, agent?


3 Responses to “Night’s Black Agents: Share Your Soundtrack”

  1. Soundtrack: In The Mouth of Madness, John Carpenter
    Soundtrack: CIPHER RPG
    Assorted Russian Metal – Kipelov, that sort of thing.
    Chris Rea’s instrumental blues just seems to capture the mood for me.

  2. Mathey says:

    Woo! Pelgrane shout out!

    I spend far too much time on music choices for my games, and spy games definitely do benefit from judicious use of it. You can build a lot of tension with some eerie violins played during an otherwise routine snooping scene…

    Michael Giacchino’s work on the recent Mission Impossible movies is excellent and bridges the gap between the swinging jazz sound of John Barry and Lalo Schifrin to the more contemporary work of Hans Zimmer or John Powell.

    He also did a very good Barry homage with the soundtrack to the Incredibles – its a Pixar family friendly superhero movie, but its scored like an early Bond flick. If you’re going for something more light hearted or set in the era, you could do much worse.

  3. Niclas says:

    “The Usual Suspects” is pretty good all around, bet it would work wonders for NBA.

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