Night’s Black Agents epub version

We’ve wanted to do ePub versions for a while now, and the lucky Night’s Black Agents pre-orderers now have the ePub included with their bundle. We are awaiting feedback from pre-orderers, as there will no doubt be teething problems, but it should get easier in future.

Next up for the treatment will be the Esoterrorists Enhanced Edition and it’s our intention to do all core books. Whether we have to charge extra, I haven’t yet decided, but for Night’s Black Agents’ pre-orderers at least, it’s an unexpected cost-free bonus.




6 Responses to “Night’s Black Agents epub version”

  1. Stuart Bonham says:

    I have converted the epub file to mobi for kindle reading sucessfully. Maybe you could offer a mobi version of this file as well?

  2. I. J. Betty says:

    I would like to thank you so much for this. Reading the full multi-hundred page manuscript on the computer screen is slow and rather unpleasant. This makes it much, much easier – plus I can read it on my phone while I’m out and about.

    (Now if only I could figure out how to put it on the cheap-ass e-reader that I picked up at the discount grocery)

  3. dvanzandt says:

    Just a tip for anyone using an iPad, I had no luck reading the ePub in Stanza or Cloudreader, but iBooks opened it just fine!

    It actually made me wish VERY much that there was an ePub of ToC available–those graphics get in the way! Thank you SO MUCH, I can’t wait to see this in print!

  4. Michael P says:

    I loved that you made an epub version. I have a Nook simple e-reader and pdfs, especially ones with graphics are a pain to read. Thank you so much for doing this! I would definitely pick up epub versions of the games you publish!

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