Night’s Black Agents Dragonmeet Special Edition

At Dragonmeet last year, we released a simple print version of Bookhounds which sold out almost instantly. This year we’re continuing the tradition with Night’s Black Agents, Kenneth Hite’s superb new vampire spy thriller. This will be a simple, spartan design with a full colour cover and will be limited to 50 copies.

Dragonmeet this year will be on Saturday 26th November at Kensington Town Hall – more information and tickets here.

4 Responses to “Night’s Black Agents Dragonmeet Special Edition”

  1. Daveboy says:

    Well good for those people.

    I admit it, I’m a little bitter that I can’t attend. Been looking forward to Night’s Black Agents for a loooooooong time.

  2. Wes says:

    Ahhhhh you guys did this last year too with book hounds one of these days I’m gonna get to go to the uk and go to dragon meet, and meet my favorite rpg designers.

  3. Can says:

    Hi Judd,It's in the tatelbop RPGs section of this site. Direct link is (and I'll add it in to the main body of the blog; oversight on my part).

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