Night’s Black Agents Director’s Screen & Resource Guide

Night’s Black Agents player characters are highly trained super-spies, veterans of dozens of covert operations, ready to use guile and lethal force to overcome any obstacle.

Night’s Black Agents players are even tougher.

Ready yourself for the inevitable conflict with our Director’s Screen, keeping your notes and maps hidden until that final dramatic reveal. On one side, stunning artwork; on the other, vital reference tables for your eyes only.

Accompanying the screen is the practical Resource Guide, containing

  • Initiation Scenes to kick off your campaign
  • New Monsters and enemy Operatives to bolster the ranks of the Conspiracy
  • Combat Options and Thriller Scene rules for when you need to zoom in on the action
  • Mission Skeletons and Location Plans to help build your adventures!
Stock #: PELGN15 Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Artists: Jeff Porter, Marisa Erven, Jérôme Huguenin, Heather Landry, Georgia Roan, Jorge Fernández Sanz, and Karolina Węgrzyn Format: 4-panel full-colour GM screen, 56-page resource guide

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28 Responses to “Night’s Black Agents Director’s Screen & Resource Guide”

  1. Eden says:

    Good stuff in the preview file. I love the Ruby Wasp and can easily see incorporating that into my sciency Dracula Dossier campaign as a gruesome Edom technology.

  2. Michael P says:

    When is this product expected to be released? Thanks!

    • Colleen Riley says:

      It is currently in layout and we hope to send it to the printer at the end of the month which means it should be available in approximately three months. This is an estimate and could change – we’ll update as we get closer.

  3. Eden says:

    Could you please add a PDF for the Director’s Screen to the Download page?

    I’d love to print out my own screen for use in a game this week while I wait for the official printed version to arrive.

    Thank you!

  4. Stefan O says:

    I can’t place a preorder because i can’t choose an amount of the product and on check are not items in my basket.

    • Cat Tobin says:

      Hey Stefan, sorry to hear you’re having issues with pre-ordering. Please email us at our support address so we can get the details we need to resolve this for you.

  5. Greg says:

    I think a directors screen for NBA is an excellent idea! I keep trying to preorder a copy & .pdf however I keep ending up in am endless link loop as not only will the quantity and price not populate to enable me to “checkout” and pay for the transaction but unfortunately I keep being linked to this page “”.

    I will pre-order this if you can please direct me to the site/page where this is possible. I am quite excited about this product as it will be a great time saver for me! If the .pdf is available immediately after pre-order that would be excellent as well as I am trying begin a NBA campaign but would prefer to do so after I have acquired this respurce in one form or another.

    Thank you for your time! Pelgrane Press products are wonderful! Thanks!

  6. Mark W Bruce says:

    So looking forward to this, as it is the one thing that I’ve been most wanting for a long time. There’s nothing quite like an “official” screen. Thanks Pelgrane!

    • Greg Pelloski says:

      Hello Pelgrane Press! Just curious if there were any updates refarding the release of the NBA Director’s screen. Last I heard it was going to be released at some point this month (March 2019) but figured I’d go straight to the source since you guy’s are so amazingly impressive with you Question/Response and resolution of customer inquiries/issues (often inside of 24 hours! Somthing I hope you guy’s take great pride in – and should!!!). Anyways hope all is well and thank you all in advance for your time and help with this inquiry! I pre-ordered my copy a couple months ago! GO PELGRANE!!! WHOOT!

      • Mika Talley says:

        Hi Greg! Thanks for all your kind words. It looks like we’re expecting to have the Night’s Black Agents Director’s Screen & Resource Guide all ready for shipping in early summer. Thanks for your patience and let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!

  7. Eden says:

    While I’m very eager to get my hands on the physical screen (on session 4 of a DD campaign), I’m glad you’re taking another pass at the cover art for the screen. I felt the art shown in the PDF wasn’t fully consistent with art to-date for NBA. Thank you for taking the time to make sure it’s up to standard.

  8. Eden says:

    The newest version of the screen looks amazing! Thank you for adjusting the art.

    Only remaining comment is to ask if there’s room to squeeze in a few more rules on the back? The white space adds to readability and usability and wouldn’t want to diminish that.

    If possible would love to see the following (in order of priority):
    1) Combat modifiers for range (point blank, close, etc.) <- this seems like a critical item to add since it's fiddly and comes up a bunch
    2) Add details to suppressive fire (rules for maintaining, crossing)
    3) Rules for hurt, injury, death
    4) Expand stability section to add rules for shaken, shattered, insane
    5) Add chase rules – this probably isn't possible without totally overloading the screen, but note that the free screen manages to fit it in as well as enemy stats.

    One idea on how to fit a few of the above without hurting layout and white space would be to drop the "Hit Threshold Modifier Sheet" and "Thriller Combat Options Sheet" titles at the top of the page. They're used inconsistently (e.g. the third page doesn't have a title, refreshes and darkness tables are on HT modifier sheet) and existing white space makes content easy to find. If concerned about making content quick and easy to find, could add some very light color coding to the layout, grouping content into sections with color.

    Regardless, by dropping the titles, the content sections can be expanded upwards and allow significant new content without losing important white space between elements.

    • Greg says:

      Hello Pelgrane Press!
      It’s me Greg again just wanting to touch base with you guys to see if you guys have set a release date for the NBA Directors screen. Last I heard the proofs were being reviewed and some last minute changes had been made (after some of the artwork had been changed). Any new status updates by chance regarding when say a pre-ordered copy may ship? Thank you in advance for your time and help with this inquiry! You guys are the best and you sure are on top of handling questions such as these! Keep up the stellar work!!!

  9. Bradley CLARK says:

    Hi there,
    I purchased this and downloaded the pdf but I seem to only have the pdf of the resource guide and not the gm screen. Please advisse.Thank you.

  10. Bradley CLARK says:

    Hi there
    Got this in the mail yesterday. Looks great!!! Thank you!

  11. Trey says:

    When do you expect this to be reprinted?

    • Becky Smith says:

      Hi Trey. Are you over in the USA? We’re just waiting for some stock to arrive with our shipper, which should be there any day now, and then I’ll be able to pop these back in stock on the website. Thanks, Becky

      • Becky Smith says:

        These are now back in stock so you can hit ‘Buy it now’ at the bottom of this post or head over to the store. Becky.

  12. John Luther says:

    When will the GM Screen be back in stock?

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