Night’s Black Agents art – what do you think?

What do you think of this cover idea for Night’s Black Agents?


9 Responses to “Night’s Black Agents art – what do you think?”

  1. Mike B says:

    Wow. That really grabs my attention. Very nice.

  2. John Taber says:


  3. Pablo says:

    Artistic, suggestive and dark. I love it! Though I’m worried that it might be too artsy for the average gamer.

  4. Wow, its awesome and give me the feeling of something very bad that lurks in the dark…

  5. Chris Huth says:

    Hmm. I suggest choosing *either* the hands, the girl as a whole, or the girl’s teeth specifically as being the location of the monochrome highlights, and pushing back what wasn’t chosen with either red or blue (or, if you choose the teeth as the highlight, red for the hands and blue for the rest of the girl).

  6. Chris Huth says:

    Actually, both the teeth and the hands as highlights might work too.

  7. Steve Moss says:


  8. Niclas says:

    It looks absolutely amazing! The only thing I can say anything negative about is the mouth, it looks… I don’t know… weird somehow. It looks kinda like she has two rows of teeth in her upper jaw, or something. Or maybe the lower jaw is a bit to wide. I can’t put my finger on it. But like I said, this is really a minor annoyance. Everything else is top notch!

  9. Alf Joakim Persson says:

    It´s beautefull! But the face of the woman looks a bit “unfinshed”, like it´s made up from peases not yet joined together. If that´s the idea then I think I´d like it better if she was a part of a more komplex image with tentacles, a wearwolf and other bits and parts of dark monstroseties all imaged like a defuse background, in a mist. Or maybee just fix her face, especialy the mouth. If it´s a work in progress I´m confedent it will turn out great in the end.

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