New Supplements for GUMSHOE

What non-adventure supplements would you like to see for GUMSHOE (other than Trail)?
Edit: Those are some great core setting suggestions, but I’m after either current-setting-specific suggestions, or else general GUMSHOE supplements.

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  1. Greg G says:

    Gumshoe for GSL/4E?

  2. Petter B says:

    Perhaps a Sherlock Holmes RPG, or at least a Victorian era RPG, based in London? Or maybe a dark space noir kind of game, something like the Alien movies, with big, evil corporations doing nasty things in dark environments far away from earth.

  3. Sid Wood says:

    A GM sourcebook for creating GUMSHOE mysteries maybe? Something with plenty of ideas and suggestions for multiple genres, plot twists and dramatic pacing.

    Looking at bookhounds I liked the breakdown of a scenario into parts helping the keeper to identify dramatic pacing and whatnot. This sourcebook would do something similar but with plenty of mix and match options that would serve as a tool for inspiring home-brew mysteries.

  4. Aleksandr Yermakov says:

    Genre/Movie packs for Fear Itself. Extended (with additional rules sich as stability or occupation) edition of Esoterrorists.

  5. tauther says:

    What about a “les brigades du tigre” setting book? :)

    Please!!! I’m fed up about horror rpg… :)

  6. Anderland says:

    I would add some “Blade Runner” to Petter B “Alien” suggestion.
    Hunting down Aliens / Replicants on earth and on other colonies sounds interesting to me.
    Another idea is a medieval / dark age investigation game inspired by e.g. Umberto Eco, Il nome della rosa. Or even better a source book about investigation games in different eras like roman > Maddox/Saylor, dark age > Eco, etc.

  7. A historical sourcebook– not necessarily dedicated to a particular period, but perhaps one that covers several periods and places with ideas on how mysteries might be structured in those. How to do a Falco-style versus Rosemary Rowe style Rome game; running Edo period Japanese mysteries; Wild, Wild West Spy/Mystery games; Judge Dee and so on. So pretty much what Anderland said I’d support as well.

    Perhaps a conceptual conspiracy building sourcebook.

  8. Also perhaps something that works to simulate a fantasy genre: Lord Darcy style material to catch the Victorian era. Or perhaps City Guard in a fantasy city as a kind of gritty, fantasy campaign which puts the players in a position usually reserved for adversarial NPCs. The Quade Diagram as a mechanic could be revisited to diagram magic and magical abilities.

  9. Jonah Saltmarsh says:

    Medici Era

    Inquisition Era

    Weird War (World War 2)

    Planetfall (new planet investigations)

  10. sectario says:

    Alien invasion. The human human society is invadided by aliens (as V o perhaps as The War of the Worlds). Some aliens are supplanting humans as BattleSpace Galactica. It can have conspiracies as Expedient X.

    This suplement perhaps can be used in Trail (threat mi-go), esoterrorsit or anothers atmospheres

  11. Alf Joakim Persson says:

    What about a “Interdimensional Timetravel” setting/supplement. Something like Stargate but moore realistic. ;)

  12. Greg says:

    The Trail Referee’s Guide and The Armitage Files both have excellent NPC sections. The Armitage Files also has the great Places component as well. I particularly like the way in AF you have the Sinister/Innocous/Stalwart descriptions. A book of NPCs with perhaps a modular mechanism so they can plug in to any genre could be wildly useful.

    Also, seeing as you do Pro Fantasy s/w, how about an application/database for generating and managing characters and clues etc. You could print off character sheets, Investigative Ability Checklists, Investigator Matrices etc. Sort of like Byakhee but Gumshoe oriented. You could have a feature pack for each new game product. Just so long as it runs on a Mac!

  13. Mark says:

    I’d love to see a book of Cults for Trail. Ones that range from creepy, backwood inbreds worshipping something over generations to businessmen and aristocrats forming secret brotherhoods and other things in between. Maybe with a discussion on symbols, indoctrination, and other fun things that someone has to think about with cults and cultists.

  14. Niclas says:

    How about a book with various Gumshoe add-ons to choose from. Like advantages and disadvantages, if you want to add some rule supported variety to characters.
    Might remove some of the lightness from Gumshoe, but if done right I think it could add to the various games.

    Copy/Paste from forum:
    I think I’d like some ideas on how the Outer Dark interacts with “normal” humans, cults and such.

  15. Joeri says:

    What about an alien creation guide. Allowing others to create their own space setting.
    Star trek rpg. Giving the new interst into the star trek genre. The new movies + the new series coming in 2017.

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