Name That Orc! Owl Hoot Trail Competition

This is no Orc with a Pie, but a desperate brigand wanted for bank robbery and moral turpitude in two States and three territories.

But we don’t even know his name.

To celebrate the first draft of Owl Hoot Trail, we are running a competition. Post a name for this orcish desperado in the comments. I’ll pick some then we’ll put it to the public vote. The prizes will be rather good.

Read Clinton’s latest article on Owl Hoot Trail here.

The art was created by the versatile and talented Jérome Huguenin.


29 Responses to “Name That Orc! Owl Hoot Trail Competition”

  1. Hmm, i call this one Brugoll Raganui

  2. I call Twigor Throgguth!

  3. Ethelnir says:

    I call Larrel Grunnargh

  4. GB Steve says:

    Snagrod “Stoogie” McGruumsh

  5. Stuntlau Perez says:


  6. Andrew Brehaut says:

    Bartholomew Irontusk

  7. Steve Moss says:

    Winston the Crevice Cruncher

  8. Will says:

    Known in the territories as ‘Lord Fear’, few know that his real name, courtesy of his unsurprisingly short residence at Dr Nathaniel Parker’s Puritan School for Orphans is “Fear-The-Lord Urgluk”

  9. Jeb says:

    Big Jerome

  10. tomg says:

    Dub Kittenskinner

  11. Jarrod says:

    Dagris Braggan Snr.

  12. Ron Levy says:

    Bragnan Bratva – sometimes called ‘Bull’ Bragnan for reasons having to do more with him busting down doors and walls during the bank robbery than for the moral turpitude convictions.

    (‘Bratva’ is russian slang for ‘brotherhood’ and refers to all gangs – thus the name might come from him being the head of just such.)

  13. Kalev Tait says:

    Heron Long

    btw, one suggestion per poster, or is that just what has happend so far?

  14. Bob hanks says:

    Grimpun washburne

  15. Andrew Brehaut says:

    Gurgis Shugrush

  16. Ian says:

    Deadeye McGonnagal

  17. Simon Washbourne says:

    Moloch Gecko
    Gruffalo Gyll

    PS I’m not happy with Bob Hanks’ suggestion!

  18. Simon Washbourne says:

    Ichabod Gulch

  19. Andrew Brehaut says:

    Gator “Crawford” Dalton

  20. Simon Washbourne says:

    Quirley Mudsill
    Calaboose Twigg
    Hog Brocius

  21. Simon Washbourne says:

    Mouldy Grubbs
    Grunter Hornswoggle
    Clum Blathershite
    Doggery O’Dowd
    Lunk Milestone

  22. Simon Washbourne says:

    Rookus Mugwump

  23. Rob Harper says:

    Wallow Swilgebreath

  24. Beanstown Churchill
    Smokeface Joe-Oh-Look-There
    Narsh’Peg Hogton
    Chief Montana Blame

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