Mythos Cocktails

As the dog days of summer approach, thoughts turn momentarily from game publishing to the quaffing of celebratory cocktails.

When Pelgranes gather for their winter summit in London, host and Pelgrane co-honcho Simon Rogers plies us with wines as sweet as our plans for the coming year.

But in the the summer heat the cosmos screams for more quenching beverages reflecting Pelgrane’s love of literary horror.

These Lovecraft and Chambers-themed cocktails may make it look like I’ve entered into some kind of unholy co-promotion with San Pellegrino. Alas, this is not yet the situation. So send me a case, San Pellegrino marketing wizards.

You may have seen these on one of my social media feeds, but a blog post will preserve them for posterity, or at least until such time as the King in Yellow shatters our reality for good.

Serve all of these on the rocks.


1½ oz Kraken spiced rum

½ oz sloe gin

San Pellegrino blood orange aranciata

1 ½ oz cachaça
½ oz red Lillet


1½ oz bourbon
½ oz ruby port
San Pellegrino Clementina  

Please expose intruders to vengeful pirate ghosts responsibly.

3 Responses to “Mythos Cocktails”

  1. Henrik Arborén says:

    I could tell you about all the ways this makes me happy. But instead I want to ask this question: Will you marry me Robin?

  2. Sean Smith says:

    Amazing stuff! I love themed cocktails: the first stretch goal for EXUVIAE was a raft of horror-noir cocktails & I’m so impressed with the mood they have given.

  3. Ken Ringwald says:

    These were great. The star vampire is certainly the strongest on theme (with the ingredients) and the Flower of Carcosa was just lovely. My wife, who’s generally not that into cocktails, concurred.

    I’d never thought of using port in a cocktail, but it really works. If you keep experimenting with these, I’d love to see the autumn and winter suggestions as well.

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