March Playtesting Opportunities

The first round of playtesting for 13th Age is now closed. The next round will open in April. Stay tuned!

Please email me if you if you are interested in the New World playtest.


13th Age

System: New

Written by: Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo

Deadline: Preliminary feedback 30th April. Full feedback 30th May.

What it’s about:

13th Age is a love letter to D&D: a rules-light, story-oriented RPG that honors old school values while advancing the OGL art. Players create unique heroes using flexible interpretations of familiar D20 character classes. New indie-style rules connect each character’s story to the Gamemaster’s customized version of the campaign setting.


New World

System: New World

Deadline: 15th April 2012

What it’s about:

New World is a game of historical fantasy by Bill White. You are sailors on a voyage to a new land to seek your fortune. For those already there, your arrival marks the end of the world they have known. It marks the beginning of change and conflict as peoples ideas and ways of living inevitably conflict. Please email if you’d like to test it.


19 Responses to “March Playtesting Opportunities”

  1. Nick Foster says:

    Saw a tweet from Simon Rogers/Mike Mearls about the new game looking for playtesters. I’m a veteran of Third Edition and Fourth Edition D&D, and a big fan of Arkham Horror, Gloom, Magic: the Gathering, and Elder Sign, but I’m always looking for new games that are light, fun, and fast to fill time between bigger games. A rules-light RPG inspired by the d20 System sounds just about right. :)

  2. cary layton says:

    Interested in playtesting 13th Age.

  3. John Marron says:


    I’m interested in playtesting 13th Age. My group has done playtesting for a number of systems (Heroquest, The One Ring), and are always up for trying out something new. Besides my regular weekly group I have access to a local meetup group with a number of players, so might be able to run with multiple groups.


  4. Leri Jacobs says:

    I would be interested in 13th age. I prefer story driven games more so than the standard hack/slash though those have their places too!

  5. Dan Hall says:

    Hi, I’d be keen to playtest 13th Age. My group has played lots of DnD and we also played Everway way back when, and loved it (thanx Johnathan!).



  6. Federico Angotzi says:


    My group and I are interested in playtesting 13th Age.
    We play 4th ed. at the moment(best D&D system ever created IMHO) but we also played BECMI and 3.5 ed..
    Veterans ITALIANS D&D players ready for a new experience!

  7. Aaron Donogh says:

    My group and I are weekly roleplayers who play all types of systems and are big fans of Heinsoo’s work. We would love to playtest 13th Age.


  8. I would love to play test 13th Age. I’m building an RPG app in Google Hangouts and can pull together a weekly group very quickly. I’m a huge fan of the D&D editions and Ars Magica.

  9. Peter Thestrup says:

    I’d love to give it a shot! I’ve been playing more and more indie games the last few years, and found some really good ones – new ideas, concepts and mechanics are always a welcome addition to an already extensive library!

  10. John McMullen says:

    I’d love to give it a shot. Our group has played both 3rd and 4th edition of D&D, though lately we’ve been trying some lighter games, such as Jaws of the Six Serpents, ICONS, and Trail of Cthulhu.

  11. Joseph R. says:

    Consider the email sent! Mr. Heinsoo earned a TON of respect from me after I read his post-launch articles about 4e D&D, so I would love to do a good turn for him. All I know about Mr. Tweet is that he was involved with Over The Edge, which is gold in my book.

  12. My group and I would love a chance to playtest 13th Age. Our current campaign(using D&D 4th edition rules in an atypical, homebrewed setting)would provide a good platform for stress testing the rules and concepts that Tweet and Heinsoo are hinting at. Also, our group is comprised of a broad range of ages, influences and gaming styles, so I feel that our diversity will yield valuable feedback for the design process.

  13. Joel Wegner says:

    Our group is very interested in Playtesting 13th Age. We are currently running 3 campaigns of D&D 3.5. We also play D&D 4 and other game systems. We have experience with MMORPGs, card based games and dice and paper. We range in playing experience from 30+ year D&D players to almost completely new gamers. We are very excited to have the opportunity to test a new system and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

  14. Arnar Valgeirsson says:


    I run a weekly D&D group (among other rules) that would love to be a part of the 13th Age playtest. We have some experience with various playtests for Paizo’s Pathfinder, which is what we’re running now, as well as roughly 10 years of tabletop experience for our more seasoned players. Frustration with our current system has us wanting to explore other options, and being able to help develop something like this sounds great.

    Thank you!

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  16. Nick says:

    My group is running currently two campaigns: one using Pathfinder and an old school using Labyrinth Lord. I am more than interested in playtesting 13th Age.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. Frank Jarome says:

    So even though it says the first round of playtesting for 13th Age is closed, those of us that are already in it get to continue doing so, right? We still have till the end of May for our final feedback?

    Also, will anything about round two be different, or is it basically just opening testing up to new groups of people?

  18. Charles Lester says:

    My group and I have been playing together thru all Editions of D&D and would LOVE to playtest this!!

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