Make Your Own Luck

Originally released for Free RPG Day 2014, this adventure is available as part of 13th Age Monthly Vol. 1, or in PDF here.

The town of Harrowdale holds a treasure. An army of trolls wants that treasure. You must hold the town until the Imperial dragon cavalry arrives. You’re outnumbered and your forces are outmatched – and to cap it all off, they’ve got a secret weapon set to bring doom down upon you.

Relying on the old ways – on nothing but a strong sword and a lucky blow – won’t help you now. Time to make your own luck.

Make Your Own Luck is  stand-alone adventure for 13th Age, which also works as a prequel to the 13th Age megadungeon campaign Eyes of the Stone Thief, where the player characters embark on a mission of vengeance. This introduction to the game includes pregenerated characters, a full adventure for a GM and 3-6 players, and a quick summary of the rules, so you don’t need the 13th Age rulebook to play.

Stock #: PEL13A03
Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Artist: Lee Moyer, Pat Loboyko Pages: 20 Page PDF


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