Lorefinder Character Sheet

Following the release of the pre-order print version of Lorefinder, here is the character sheet to download.

Lorefinder is, we hope, the first of many future GUMSHOE mash-ups. It keeps the d20 Pathfinder system but seamlessly weaves in the investigative mechanic of GUMSHOE.

Download a PDF of the 2-page character sheet.

You can pre-order the print version from our store, to be released in December.


5 Responses to “Lorefinder Character Sheet”

  1. Stuart Bonham says:

    The Fortitude save is called “Touch” on this character sheet.

  2. RM says:

    I also hope this is the first of many mash-ups. GUMSHOE is a terrific system, but some may want more of a focus on detailed combat than GUMSHOE really provides. (Plus, though GUMSHOE is indeed very easy to learn, not everyone will want to switch to a totally new system even so…especially if they already have a ton of material for their current system choice.) It’s great to see you guys getting blended system ideas out there so people can really take a “best of both worlds” approach without having to think rules up themselves. ^_^

    Would love to see you guys maybe explore this with Savage Worlds or maybe…though it might be more than you really want to get into right now…GURPS.

  3. Azrael says:

    The character sheet has a few more errors
    1) The labels above the save modifiers alternate between Dex Modifier and Misc Modifier for four slots. It should be: Base Save, Ability Modifier, Magic Modifier, Misc Modifier
    2) The CMB and CMD modifiers give shield bonus instead of strength modifier
    3) CMB lists Dex modifier in the last slot. It should be Size Modifier.

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