Ken Writes About Stuff Vol. 3

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Mythos monsters, occult conspiracies, alchemical mysteries and more! KWAS Vol. 3 collects 13 supplements by master Lovecraftian writer and GUMSHOE guru Kenneth Hite.

In the ENnie-award winning Ken Writes About Stuff series, Kenneth Hite turns his considerable writing talents and encyclopedic knowledge of game design, history, the occult and all things Mythos to bear on new topics. From hideous creatures to GUMSHOE innovations, from Moon Dust Men to martial arts, Ken illuminates the dark corners of the genre with 4000-word supplements.

Each PDF includes a deep delve into some deeply weird topic, plus crunchy bits for your GUMSHOE game. If you’re a fan of Suppressed Transmissions, Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents, The Nazi Occult or Day After Ragnarok, KWAS is a must-have.

KWAS Vol. 3 features:

  • Hideous Creatures: Tcho-Tcho“The nastiest people who ever lived … and whatever it is they were doing, they weren’t going to let a stranger in on it.” Do you really want to know what the Tcho-Tcho know? Too late.
  • The Spear of Destiny. Is it the Spear that pierced Christ’s side, or the Spear of Odin? Does it grant true kingship or invincibility? Who has borne it through the millennia, and who seeks its true whereabouts now? This issue pierces the legend to reach the truth — and then makes the legend invincible. Plus, a look at the Spear for NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS, THE ESOTERRORISTS, TRAIL OF CTHULHU, and TIMEWATCH.
  • Hideous Creatures: Great Race of Yith. “As mental barriers wore down, I beheld great masses of thin vapour in various parts of the building and in the streets below. These steadily grew more solid and distinct, till at last I could trace their monstrous outlines with uncomfortable ease.” From unguessable aliens to cone-shaped librarians to beetle-conquerors, the Great Race of Yith takes many forms. Learn to recognize them, before they take yours!
  • Mutant City Spies. Ten years after the ghost flu hit, the world is changed — but the secret world stays the same. Enemies of your country still plot, terrorists still scheme — but now they might have superpowers. An espionage-specops frame for Mutant City Blues takes the super fights into the shadows.
  • Hideous Creatures: Wendigo. ” In spite of his exceeding mental perturbation, Simpson struggled hard to detect its nature, and define it …” Cannibal spirit or arctic ogre? Wind-walking demigod or folie a faim? Hunt the Wendigo down — or up into the skies, where mad auroras roll.
  • Hideous Creatures: Hunting Horror. “I see it—coming here—hell-wind—titan blur—black wings—Yog-Sothoth save me—the three-lobed burning eye. . . .” Avatar or servitor, this winged and coiling horror haunts the dark and hunts those who seek it out. Shine a little light on this most shadowy of creatures!


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  • Moon Dust Men: MAJESTIC Overwatch. The Moon Dust Men are the tip of the spear. MAJESTIC-12 aims it. Manage the global war against the aliens with this new GUMSHOE subsystem. Do you build retro-engineered Aurora craft, or bioroids to fight on the Moon? Do you launch satellite screens or dig in anti-saucer lasers? You decide where the black budget goes — and who it goes after.
  • Moon Dust Men: Galileo Uplift. To fight aliens, one must use the alien. Take it apart, reverse-engineer it, rebuild it, turn it into armor and sensors and weapons and aircraft good enough to win a war against an enemy from the stars. Tech and gear for your high-powered MOON DUST MEN game, powered by a new GUMSHOE “tech tree” subystem for bootstrapping invention and development.
  • Las Vegas 1968 takes you to Sin City in the heyday of Howard Hughes and the Rat Pack, the mob and the Mormons, the fear and the loathing. Everything’s for sale and nothing’s for certain, except the house wins. Featuring happening hooks for vampire conspiracies, esoterrorism, and FALL OF DELTA GREEN Mythos machinations!
  • Alchemy Chemistry or magic? Madness or miracles? Poison or power? Blend all those elements — and more — with Alchemy, the latest Zoom in on a historical magic system for GUMSHOE gaming. Operating at every level from the base dungeon-crawl to the Awakened Working, this magic system gives you the secrets of matter — and maybe a touch of mercury poisoning.
  • Bast. “What fully civilised soul but would eagerly serve as high priest of Bast?” She Who Scratches, the Lady of the Ointment Jar, the great cat-goddess of nighted Khem comes alive in all her varied forms: as a Trail of Cthulhu titan (complete with her monstrous Brood of Bubastis), mysterious Ashen Stars entity, TimeWatch cult leader, and 13th Age Icon. Good kitty!
  • Unspeakable Cults: The Starry Wisdom. In our final issue of the year, we give the Hideous Creatures treatment not to one beast but to a whole cult — the “disliked and unorthodox Starry Wisdom sect.” Vile rites and terrifying symbolism unfold to shadow your Trail of Cthulhu game, along with alternate takes, investigative leads, possible echoes, and sinister scenario seeds.
  • BONUS ISSUE – Foul Congeries 3 once more opens the books on Lovecraftian monsters that have never taken stat-block form before in any game, including the Gaseous Wraith, the Raktajihva, and Y’m-bhi!

The first volume is available as a collection from the Pelgrane store.

The second volume is available as a collection from the Pelgrane store.

Stock #: PELH27D Author: Kenneth Hite
Artist: Various Pages: ~10 page PDF per edition

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39 Responses to “Ken Writes About Stuff Vol. 3”

  1. Jeff Kahrs says:

    Must have. Losing Stability waiting to buy…

  2. Zed Lopez says:

    Will this be PDF-only, or include epub and mobi options?

  3. Tyler says:

    I’m onboard. Ken’s columnar compositions are an instabuy for me.

  4. Jurie Horneman says:

    If there’s a link to the place where I give you money in this article, I’m not seeing it :)

  5. Jeff Kahrs says:

    You have to go to shop. Took me a bit to figure out also.

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  7. Robin says:

    would love to see some real world locations having their mythos / mystery potential explored and exploded. As a born and bred Londoner, I love the take on London in Bookhounds… I’ve always wanted to set something on the Scilly Isles since I visited for work and found the place facinating, but Stonehenge also spring to mind, as do Whitby and Chernobyl; though I’m sure Ken could conjure many gems of his own…

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  9. Stuntlau Perez says:

    Elder Things next please.
    And maybe Mysterious Tomes for Bookhounds written a la Armitage Files.

  10. Sean says:

    I, for one, could use some Prisoner-style mind-control stuff. Got a setting, need the rules. Please?

  11. Alam says:

    I very much miss the Earth city articles you used to write for Dragon. It’d be great to see you write up modern locations for gaming, like San Francisco or Providence.

  12. Paul says:

    I’ll add another vote for writeups on locations. We can do the research ourselves, but given that Ken’s so good at it, why would we want to?

    Also, Hideous Creatures: Ghouls.

  13. Pieclone says:

    In addition to locations, how about some historical eras? I understand Ken started writing some Elizabethan stuff some time ago (GURPS Gloriana and This Sceptr’d Isle), mentioned on the Lovecraftian Obsession podcast a few years back. I’d love to see some of the work he poured into that in either a KWAS or a future full-sized expansion.

    p.s. Full size Elizabethan period supplement for both NBA and Trail of Cthulhu please. I would happily pay silly money for this book written by Mr Hite.

  14. Adam C. says:

    The price isn’t bad, but I hate pdfs, so pass. Put it on the web, as HTML, and I might think about it.

  15. Lisa Padol says:

    By the time I list Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Dee, Queen Elizabeth, and Walsingham, I realize that what I really want is a full blown Elizabethan Intrigue sourcebook or game.

  16. Sean says:

    Second that. GUMSHOE Gloriana or bust!

  17. Craig says:

    Elder Things would be a great pair with the Shoggoths. Especially for folks planning on running the Beyond the Mountains of Madness conversion.

  18. Cambias says:

    I’ve always wanted to see Ken’s take on the New Orleans Axeman.

  19. Scott says:

    Under the “Creatures” heading, I’d love to see something on lloigor.
    And thanks, Cambias, for calling my attention to the Axeman! Interesting story!

  20. Pamar says:

    I hope not to pass for … disingenous here. Or inappropriate.

    Would it be at all possible to see something for WARP System?

  21. Stefan says:

    When can subscribers count with the email for renewing their subscription and how can i get this bonus stuff you mentioned.

  22. Daniel Fidelman says:

    I would be glad to seee that [Stuff]hounds of Moscow, you have hinted on. And maybe a Berin version as well.

    More city write-ups would also be welcomed. I, for one, was a fan of the Mombai one

  23. Guy Riessen says:

    Hmm. $2.95 per issue, and there are 8 issues in this next volume.
    And you offer a subscription at $24.95. Although your website says “a generous 30% discount” what you’re really offering is a not-so-generous $0.35 extra cost for a subscriber! You should either increase the cost of an individual issue, or decrease the cost of the subscription–either of which would make a subscription more, rather than less, attractive.

  24. Matt says:

    Wanted to add another vote for more Looking Glass cities!

    I was in Sudan when the Dracula Dossier was released this week, and it kept Khartoum into my thoughts. Was Sudan a hold up for Nyarlathotep after his empire collapsed? Did Edom place agents in Sudan before the British withdrawal – or was the 1898 vampire a critical resource in winning the battle of Omdurman? Was Abdul Khaliq Mahjub a Renfield?

  25. Phobos says:

    In the same style as the Hideous Creatures series, I would love to see “Unspeakable Cults.” That is, Ken’s take on various Cthulhu mythos organizations like the Cult of Cthulhu, the Sword of St. Jerome, or the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign.

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  27. Mr. Paint says:

    Could we see a Fall of Delta-green themed KWaS?

    Could we see Syria themed KWaS in the style of Mumbai?

    Our heck, any city guide KWaS. Dublin would be highly appropriate for the Dracula Dossier.

  28. John P. says:

    I’d love to see some more mini-Gumshoe settings as well as more NBA source material.

  29. KenR says:

    Sad to hear (via KaRTaS) that KWaS is not being renewed for the next year. I was actually looking around for the resubscription email before I figured it out.

    While the Fall of Delta Green and the possibility of an Unspeakable Cults book soften the blow, I will definitely miss the monthly installments in the future.

  30. Aaron says:

    How about a POD or Kickstarter for a dead-tree edition (or editions)… make a nice going-away present for it! I desperately want it, but electronic only is a no-go for me.

    Plus, how are future Ken’s supposed to find this is a used bookshop someday if there’s no hard copy version? Future paradigm-ical truth demands this!

  31. Stirling Westrup says:

    I am completely confused. I got a special offer to subscribe to KWAS and am planning to do so, if I can ever figure out HOW. Even the special offer didn’t specify. It just said it was giving me a discount on Vol 3 to ‘encourage me to subscribe’. Well here, I am. HOW THE HECK DO I SUBSCRIBE??? Seriously, you would thing that would be something you folks would make as plain as possible.

    • Cat Tobin says:

      It sounds like you have a historic email from before the subscription ended. If you click on the button at the bottom of the article that says “Buy now”, this will take you to the webstore, where you can buy the collection. You can also go straight to our webstore – everything is available to buy there.

      • Stirling Westrup says:

        Thanks. I should point out that this webpage is STILL called ken-writes-about-stuff-subscription. It would be nice if you had a message on the page that said that the subscription had ended, as there are still MANY references to it on the web.

  32. Cigarman says:

    Any chance of a write up of Slenderman for Fear Itself/Esoterrorists?

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